Emperor – Haste (Phace Remix) [Critical Music]

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Emperor’s debut LP ‘Dispositions’ was one of last years most acclaimed drum & bass albums to have hit the shelves. Leaving a wake of devastation behind it, Emperor returns to re-run three of the fans’ favourites with brand new takes on them from Phace, Klax and Ivy Lab. The results are in and as expected they sound so, so good.

1) Haste (Phace Remix)
2) Made Of Light ft. Solah (Klax Remix)
3) Jounce (Ivy Lab’s 20/20 Remix)
4) SOLAH – Made Of Light (Unplugged Version) [Digital Bonus]

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Blackout Podcast 47 – Proxima [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Proxima! One of the 4 artists of the first volume of our new Evolution Series!

Download Link:

1. Proxima – Aftersaw (dub)
2. Icicle – Dreadnaught (Phace Remix) (Shogun Audio)
3. Mefjus & InsideInfo – Leibniz (Virus Recordings)
4. Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun (Blackout Music)
5. Proxima – King Kobra (dub)
6. Break – Confidential (Symmetry Recordings)
7. Rido – Barking (Plasma Audio)
8. Proxima – Swamp Rattle (dub)
9. Calyx & Teebee – Where We Go (Ram Records)
10. Segment & Concept Vision – Executed (Blackout Music)
11. Audio – 2 Stroke (Ram Records)
12. Proxima – Gamma Knife (dub)
13. S.I.N. – Hideout (Ram Records)
14. Break – The Flux (Symmetry Recordings)
15. June Miller – Himsa (Ram Records)
16. Proxima – Salty Drop (FREE TRACK)
17. Proxima – On The Outside (dub)
18. Icicle & Safire – Suction Cap (Plasma Audio)
19. Teddy Killerz – Heavy Cruiser (Ram records)
20. Enei – Bad Proof (Critical Music)
21. Current Value – Contact (Blackout Music)
22. Stealth – Broken (Program)
23. Proxima – Jibber (Plasma Audio)
24. Proxima – Apollo (Blackout Music)
25. Stealth – Desert Storm (Program)
26. Current Value – Rocket Science (Blackout Music)
27. Proxima – Closely (dub)
28. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Vision Recordings)
29. Gamma – Warthog (Plasma Audio)
30. Calyx – Morphology (31 Records)


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Rawtekk – Promomix [Festival Koalition 2014]

Rawtekk will play on the Evil Grid stage @ Koalition Festival on Nov 1st alongside Optiv & BTK, Mefjus b2b Billain, Killer iNdustries and many more !


Rawtekk – A Magnanimous Kinds´ Will
Rawtekk – Photone Recruits
Rawtekk – Sprouted And Formed
Rawtekk – Play The Key
Rawtekk – No More Vaccine
Rawtekk – Monopolists And Robberies
Rawtekk – To Be A Space Monkey
Rawtekk – Skrotum Left Its Dwelling
Neosignal – Angst (Rawtekk Remix)
Rawtekk – Working Man
Rawtekk – Amber’s Love Was Like A Marble
Rawtekk – Merry Anna (Drum & Bass Version)
Rawtekk – Keyswitch
Rawtekk – Anywhere
Rawtekk – Ventricle
Rawtekk – Merry Anna
Rawtekk – Amber’s Love Was Like A Marble (Billain Remix)
Rawtekk – No More Vaccine (Mefjus Remix)
Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Phace Remix)
Rawtekk – Snowflakes (Neuropop VIP)
Rawtekk – Halo
Rawtekk – Nonentity

NeurofunkGrid and Kosen Production teamed up in february to bring you the massive “Enter The Grid” event, we’re back in November as part of the Koalition Festival for a special “The Evil Grid” room with a crazy line-up :

→ OPTIV & BTK ▪ [Virus Recordings – Renegade Hardware] ▪ UK


→ MEFJUS ▪ [Critical Music – Neosignal] ▪ AUT

✖✖ B2B ✖✖

→ BILLAIN ▪ [Rise Audio – Bad Taste Recordings] ▪ BIH


→ RAWTEKK ▪ [Med School – Citrus Recordings] ▪ DE

→ KILLER INDUSTRIES ▪ [Kosenprod – Close2Death] ▪ AUS

→ K12 ▪ [Kosenprod – Funkatech – Burn The Fire] ▪ FR

→ OPSEN & PRIMAL THERAPY ▪ [Kosenprod – Meltin Pot – Upgrade] ▪ FR

→ CLOZEE & SCARFINGER-Live MPC ▪ [Gravitas – Hzh – Freebass] ▪ FR

→ DAVE.LXR aka DEXIDE ▪ [Lxr System] ▪ CZ

Event ► https://www.facebook.com/events/248297005377229

Enter The Grid ► https://www.facebook.com/enterthegridevents

Festival Koalition ► https://www.facebook.com/FESTIVAL.KOALITION

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Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Phace Remix)

Now available on vinyl as part of the new Rawtekk remix EP “Sprouted and Reformed” on Med School http://bit.ly/rawtekk

Buy Here: iTunes: http://hospi.tl/18itunes
Hospital Shop: http://hospi.tl/weare18

Friend and fellow German, Phace, has stepped up with a rework of ‘Photone recruits’ that is somehow even heavier and more brutal than it’s predecessor, receiving DJ support from S.P.Y, Ed Rush, Enei, June Miller, Foreign Concept and Radio 1 airplay from Rockwell and Friction.

To celebrate our 18 years in the game, we bring you an outstanding selection of brand new and exclusive tracks. Curated over the last six months specifically for this project this outstanding triple album is groaning at the seams with label heavy hitters such as High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Netsky and London Elektricity, as well as showcasing new music from some of the most exciting new talents around, including Fred V & Grafix, Metrik, S.P.Y, and Medschool’s man of the moment Etherwood.

With the drum & bass scene bigger and badder than ever before in 2014, could we ever have imagined way back in 1996 when Hospital was launched that we would have gone from a tiny eccentric imprint to the all conquering label we are today? We’ve called on our family and friends to chip in with remixes and collaborative input from the likes of Shogun Audio’s Friction, Total Science and DJ Marky and with eyes on the future we’ve sought the sound of things to come in the shape of Hugh Hardie, Ed:It, Krakota and Rollz.

With label retrospectives ten a penny, this album looks squarely forward and defines 2014s d+b agenda with 29 outstanding moments. So, who’s up for another 18 years?