Inja x Whiney – She Just Wanna Dance (Official Video)

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I see this so often when I’m out working from the stage, it always breaks my heart a little. In my eyes when I do go out I want to dance, enjoy music and feel free in the safety net of the sound system. I’ll always help when I can. I just want to go out and be free to dance and I’ll smile with anyone who’s into that. – Inja

A very big thank you to all involved:

Carina Low
Charlie Tisma
Charlotte Haining
Cimone Fagan
Diana Foster
Ella Rothwell
Ellen Lewin
Estelle Maslen
Farhanna Aboo
Frances Pollitzer
Hettie Fitzgerald
Hope Nolan
Indi Khera
Joanna Gardner
Kameil Sattar
Karina Ramage
Kerry O-brien
Lara Greening
Leanne Allen
Mackinlay Ingham
Megan Bean
Mollie Collins
Nicola Whisky Kicks
Laurie-Kay Hue
Natasha Harber
Nikki Burden
Olivia Pooley
Peu Cheung
Sarah Cole
Sophie Ferreira
Yvette Chivers

Filmed & Edited by Harry Smith

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