Peruvians march against corruption

Protesters rally against corruption and Peruvian Attorney General Pedro Chavarry, accused of covering for politicians in an investigation involving Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, as President Vizcarra delivered a bill to congress that would declare a state of emergency in the Public Ministry.

Peruvians protest in support of Keiko Fujimori after her arrest

Peruvians protest in front of a police station in Lima in support of Keiko Fujimori, the opposition leader and daughter of disgraced ex-president Alberto Fujimori, who has been arrested for alleged money laundering involving Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht. IMAGES

Peruvians react after court orders Fujimori trial for killings

Peruvians on Tuesday reacted to the news that former president Alberto Fujimori may have to stand trial for the 1992 killings of six farmers despite a recent presidential pardon for a different crime, with some saying the courts are biased against the former president.