Lima Group meeting over Venezuela starts in Peru

Foreign ministers from Latin America and Canada meet in the Peruvian capital on ways to step up pressure on Venezuela’s socialist regime to coincide with the second-term inauguration of President Nicolas Maduro next week. IMAGES

Peruvians march against corruption

Protesters rally against corruption and Peruvian Attorney General Pedro Chavarry, accused of covering for politicians in an investigation involving Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht, as President Vizcarra delivered a bill to congress that would declare a state of emergency in the Public Ministry.

Peruvian scallops keep local economies afloat

The bay off of Sechura, in northern Peru, is a paradise for scallops, which are seen as “nuggets of gold” in the ocean, and exported to France, Spain and the United States, and the industry surrounding the shellfish lies at the heart of the local economy.

People protest at Uruguay ambassador’s house in Peru

People start to gather in front of the Uruguay ambassador’s house in Peru’s capital, after former Peruvian president Alan Garcia reportedly sought asylum there after being barred from leaving the country pending a corruption investigation. IMAGES

Migrants crowd at Peru border before tighter migration controls

Thousands of Venezuelan migrants queue at the Peruvian border city of Tumbes before tighter migration controls come into force, which will mean presenting compulsory passports in order to get a working permit.

Keiko Fujimori arrives for court hearing in Peruvian capital

Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori arrives for court hearing in Lima where a judge will decide if she is sent to preventative detention for 26 months over alleged illegal campaign funds. IMAGES

Jolie seeks support for Venezuelan refugees

(24 Oct 2018) UNHCR special enjoy Angelina Jolie visits Venezuelan refugees at the Peruvian border, calling the situation “predictable and preventable.” (Oct. 24)

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Peru court orders Keiko Fujimori release

A Peruvian appeals court orders the release of opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, who has been detained for a week after being accused by prosecutors of receiving money from Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, a judge announces.

Venezuelan migrants ask for help to enter Peru

Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants walking through Ecuador, after crossing Colombia, are now requesting help from the Peruvian government to allow them to enter the country.

Peru zoo unveils Mexico-born white lion cubs

Two endangered white lion cubs born in captivity in Mexico are unveiled at a zoo in the Peruvian capital Lima .