Greek army fires water cannon at migrants on the Turkish side of the border | AFP

Migrants on the Turkish side of the border at the Pazarkule border crossing try to move forward as the Greek army fires water cannons at them. IMAGES

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Migrants Trying to Enter Europe Are About to Be Stuck Between the Greek Army and Turkish Police

EDIRINE, Turkey — Thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere have been trying to push their way across the Turkish border with Greece to find their way to Europe, only to find themselves forced back with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.

On Wednesday, Turkish officials say at least one person was shot dead by Greek security forces, but Greek authorities have denied the killing.

VICE News spoke to half a dozen refugees today who witnessed Greek security forces firing live rounds at migrants rushing the border fence at the Pazarkule crossing early this morning.

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Migrants, security forces near Turkey-Greece border amid surge of migrants | AFP

Around 2,000 people including women and children arrived at the Turkish border this morning from Istanbul and walked through a field towards the Pazarkule border gate, an AFP correspondent said. The group included Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis. Thousands who were already at the border had spent the night in very cold temperatures and lit fires to warm themselves up, the correspondent added. Greece says it has blocked nearly 10,000 migrants trying to enter from the Turkey border over the past 24 hours. IMAGES

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