Artificial Intelligence Colloquium: Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

Speaker: Dr. Paul Tilghman, Program Manager, DARPA / Microsystems Technology Office

The wireless revolution is fueling a voracious global demand for access to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Managing this increasing demand while dealing with the continued crowding of the RF spectrum is a serious concern. This talk will discuss DARPA’s Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2), the world’s first collaborative machine intelligence competition to overcome spectrum scarcity. For this Challenge, competitors are developing breakthrough capabilities by applying recent advances in AI, machine learning and the expanding capacities of software-defined radios to develop a new wireless paradigm in which radio networks autonomously collaborate and reason about how to share the RF spectrum.

Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

MTO Office Panel: Computation and the Electronics Resurgence Initiative

Transistor scaling, the central mechanism for electronics progress, faces an inflection point under Moore’s Law. At the same time, the cost of integrated circuit design is rising rapidly, making the most advanced technology available only to the largest companies, and limiting innovation. To maintain the traditional U.S. economic and security advantage in microelectronics, MTO has established the Electronics Resurgence Initiative, a collaborative effort to bolster innovation and to establish a base layer of new semiconductor technologies to meet the computing needs of tomorrow’s technology. MTO Program Managers discuss their efforts to enable this future. Their research areas include new material options and transistor architectures for integrated circuits, methods for dramatically reducing the time and cost of application specific circuit design, advanced machine learning techniques to understand context and learn continuously, and low-power hardware architectures to enable complex computation in embedded military applications. Program Managers also address how to best protect military hardware during design and fabrication.

Dr. Bill Chappell – DARPA, MTO

Dr. Young-Kai Chen – DARPA, MTO
Mr. Serge Leef – DARPA, MTO
Mr. Andreas Olofsson – DARPA, MTO
Mr. Paul Tilghman – DARPA, MTO
Dr. Stephen Trimberger – DARPA, MTO