Loud explosion hits bakery in central Paris: police

A powerful explosion badly damaged a bakery in central Paris on Saturday, injuring several people and smashing nearby windows after a suspected gas leak, police and AFP journalists said. IMAGES FILMED ON A SMARTPHONE

Daughter of Italian mafia boss opens restaurant in Paris

Her father Salvatore “Toto” Riina was one of the Sicilian mob’s most famous godfathers, and now Lucia Riina has decided to open a restaurant named ‘Corleone’ in central Paris. The move has angered the mayor of the Italian town of the same name, and the Italian minister of foreign affairs.

Paris stores hope annual sales offset ‘yellow vest’ crisis costs

January sales have begun in Paris, with department stores hoping to offset costs incurred during the “yellow vest” crisis that impacted their businesses at the end of 2018.

‘Yellow vest’ street art conceals hiden secret in Paris

A mural depicting Liberty surrounded by ‘yellow vest’ protesters, a scene inspired by Eugene Delacroix’s famous painting, has appeared on a wall in Paris’s northwestern 19th arrondissement.