Blackout Podcast 82 – Rido [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcasts, bringing the finest drum & bass around!

Rido’s turn for another Blackout Podcast, including his new Blackout release Point & Beyond and loads more fresh music & exclusives!
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1] Rido – Beyond [Blackout]
2] Signal, DLR & Abis – Artworld
3] Mean Teeth & Fragz – Underpress
4] Phace – Basic Memory [Mefjus Remix]
5] Urbandawn ft Tyson Kell – Come together
6] Unglued & Phace – Malware
7] Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism [Buunshin remix]
8] Camo & Krooked – Loa
9] Tenchu – Lenny Carlson
10] Rido – Point
11] Phace & Misanthrop – Progression [Synergy & Signal remix]
12] Black Barrel – Fabric
13] Phace & Rawtekk – Stretch [Rockwell remix]
14] The Caracal Project – Blood Moon
15] Misanthrop – Deadlock [Halogenix remix]
16] Rido – Stranger
17] Redpill – Give it
18] Natural Forces – Orbital
19] UFO! – YGMFU
20] Rido & Joe Ford – Blueprint
21] Prolix – Snake
22] Missin & Abis – Hurt
23] Prolix & Malux – Who Knows ft. She Koro
24] Qo & Computer A rtist – Down [Rido Remix]
25] Vowel – Bordeline
26] Phace – Hot Rock [Culprate Remix]
27] Rido – Alien
28] Disprove – Stratos
29] The Outsiders & MVRK – Atropy
30] Rido – Sexy Thing
31] Lovely – Gunshot
32] Breakage – Yeah
33] Tyrone – Lunar city

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Tobax – Blessed

This is truly blessed music 🙏🙌 from one of our favourite Russian newcomers (Alex) Tobax! This style of neuro is quite similar to what he was able to pull off with “Lockdown” (which I also featured on here) and fittingly, it is also on Titan. I know for a fact that Tobax has musical style besides what we hear on Titan but lets hope that he goes back to this awesome thrashing sound every time he decides to output stuff into the neurofunk universe. This is the B side of his second single called “Orbital Cold / Blessed” (2016).

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