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This week on Africa Weekly, we focus on Mali, where French and Malian troops say they have killed or captured 30 jihadists as part of the anti-insurgent offensive, Operation Barkhane. And we stay in Mali, which has reclaimed its place as the leading African country in terms of cotton production but were very little of its own “White Gold” is processed for further use. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

French, Mali troops kill, capture 30 jihadists in African Sahel

Troops from France’s 126th regiment in Briva-la-Gaillarde “killed or captured 30 jihadists” during a four-month tour of duty in central and eastern Mali as part of Operation Barkhane, the French-led anti-insurgent offensive launched in 2014 aimed at combatting the jihadist threat in Africa’s Sahel region.

‘Operation Barkhane’ thwarting “terrorists” in the Sahel desert

A new French military base is under construction in east-central Mali. “These border areas are obviously the places most sought after by terrorists to carry out their actions,” said General Frederic Blachon, commander of Operation Barkhane, France’s 4,500-strong anti-jihadist force which is headquartered in Chad but operates across the Sahel region.