Meet The Man Photographing The Women Who Lost Their Families In The Kashmir Valley

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There was a time when Showkat Nanda didn’t think he would live to see his 15th birthday. He was just a kid growing up in the Kashmir Valley when separatist rebels began an insurgency against occupying Indian security forces who controlled much of the Muslim-populated area.

“I made up my mind that, OK, maybe two years, maybe three years, or maybe four years, we’re not going to live beyond that,” he told VICE News. “Because the situation was really, really terrible.”

India and Pakistan have fought over the Kashmir region for decades, but the latest iteration of the conflict began in 1989, when Muslim pro-independence rebels rose up against the Indian security forces. A year later, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act granted Indian security forces sweeping power to crack down on the insurgency, including the right to arrest people without warrants and to “fire upon or otherwise use force, even to the causing of death,” against people who were acting “in contravention of any law or order.” Though this law has been widely condemned by human rights watchdogs, it remains in effect.

“I was like any other Kashmiri kid, I was watching and seeing all these happenings,” Nanda said. “You still get goosebumps when you think about that time.”

Nanda was just eight years old when his 17-year-old brother left home to cross the border into Pakistan in 1990. His family never heard from him again. It took them more than a year to find out he had been killed on the journey.

According to Indian government records, more than 41,000 people have been killed in the conflict since 1990. But what’s less documented is the number of people, usually young men, who simply go missing. Some are killed in crackdowns and later found in mass unmarked graves, while others disappear while attempting to cross the border into Pakistan.

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Urbandawn – OK

‘Gothenburg Cluster’ is out now!

Hospital Records’ São Paulo discovery Urbandawn is a serious contender. After releasing two popular EPs with the label and spending several months determined in the studio his debut album ‘Gothenburg Cluster’ is ready.

Seventeen tracks of sophisticated sound design unite punching drum beats, funk ridden riffs and huge cinematic explorations. The experienced audio engineer not only draws from his Brazilian roots but also the more niche rock, metal and folk bands of the Swedish mid 90’s scene. It’s this distinctive spin on drum & bass that’s grown support from the scene’s heavyweights over the last two years.

It was ‘Trindade’ – discovered deep in Hospital’s demo box – that first brought Urbandawn to London Elektricity’s attention. He’s been tipped as ‘The Future Sound of Brazil’ with ‘Messiah Complex’ and ‘Pavlov’s Dog’ that have stayed permanently in the label boss’ record box and getting dancefloor’s moving across the world.

‘Still Breathing’ featuring Med School prodigy Keeno, is an emotive match of ethereal piano and staccato strings. When sat next to the face-slapping impact of ‘Foley Funk’ and the bright, vocal powerhouse in ‘Together Again’ it’s clear how Urbandawn’s creative flare can adapt to different styles of drum & bass with consistent brilliance.

Urbandawn’s thrilling new take on drum & bass cannot go unnoticed, the ‘Gothenburg Cluster’ LP explores an exciting new branch of the genre.

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