Ship loses potentially dangerous cargo in North Sea: Coastguard

A cargo ship caught in rough weather in the North Sea loses at least 270 containers, including four holding potentially dangerous substances. The Panama-registered MSC Zoe shed the containers holding mostly toys, furniture and spare auto parts while battling a storm off the Frisian Islands, an archipelago off the northwestern Dutch coast also known as the Wadden Islands.

Thousands of swimmers brave the cold in the North Sea

Thousands of people throw themselves into the icy waters of the North Sea in Schevingen, a seaside district of The Hague, the Netherlands, singing and dancing to celebrate the New Year, as tradition has it for several decades.

Hundreds of swimmers brave the cold in Dunkirk

Hundreds of revellers take part in the traditional “Bain des Givres” swim in the cold North Sea as part of New Year’s Day celebrations at Malo-Les-Bains beach in Dunkirk, northern France.

French fishermen block Calais port over North Sea pulse fishing

French fishermen block the port of Calais, preventing cross-Channel ferries arriving or departing, to demand a ban on electric pulse fishing in the North Sea. IMAGES

Thousands swim in North Sea for New Year

Several thousand people plunged into the North Sea in Scheveningen, a seaside resort in The Hague, the Netherlands, to celebrate the New Year.

The World’s Plastic Addiction – VICE on HBO

By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The millions of tons of plastic bottles, straws and bags we throw away every year are not only ruining pristine beaches — they may be becoming a permanent part of our food chain. But one 22-year-old in the Netherlands claims he has the answer to cleaning up our oceans and rethinking the way we use plastic.

VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung travels to the remote shores of Hawaii and the coast of the North Sea to see the extent of our plastic addiction and the surprisingly simple ways we can solve it.

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