Noisia Radio S02E28

Exclusive new music from Segment & Concept Vision, a brand new Fre4knc tune out today on invisible, a very exciting new Alix Perez tune, and the usual ingredients: dnb, beats, and your questions answered.

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Segment & Concept Vision – Grail Sword [MAJOR LEAGUE]
Fre4knc – Tradecraft [INVISIBLE]
Alix Perez – Hack And Slash [1985]
Current Value – Bad Data [TERMINAL]
Leaf – Wu Style [SERIAL KILLAZ]
Moody Good – Noisefloor [DUB]
Sustance – The Machine [TRENDKILL]
Hapa & Herzeloyde – Encryption [SOUNDCLOUD]
Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Osedax [HOMEMADE WEAPONRY]
Jam Thieves – Lustig [PLAYAZ]
Matt Lange – Lying To Myself (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [MAU5TRAP]
Hydro & War – Omerta [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Fierce & Zero T – In Circles [METALHEADZ]
Philth – Breach [FLEXOUT]
OCEE – Deā€™tails [FLEXOUT]
Hydro + War – Afflicted [HORIZONS]
Lowriderz – Moving Images [CALYPSO]
X&G ft. Josh Pan – Anomaly (Paint Remix) [BANDCAMP]
i should make a poop.mp3
Question Time!
Ed Rush & Optical – Compound [VIRUS]
Dj Shadow – California [MASS APPEAL]
Joker – Glass Hearts [KAPSIZE]