Machinedrum & Holly Yangmei (Noer the Boy Remix)

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Taken from Machinedrum & Holly – Berry Patch: Blended EP

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Behind Outer Edges – Episode 03: Thomas Glas (Tour Manager)

Thomas takes care of the logistics for artists and crew. He makes sure things run smoothly on tour by arranging transport, hotels, riders, sound check etc. More episodes 👉
Tour Dates:
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‘Outer Edges’ is Noisia’s audiovisual performance concept. This video series will show you what goes on behind the scenes. Each of the 11 episodes focuses on one team member.

Filmed and edited by Farhad Khodadadzade

Noisia – Home Truths
Noer the Boy – Torch
ARKTKT – Drownt In It
I Am Legion – Intro (instrumental)
Noisia – Remember Us

Noisia Radio S02E33

Noisia Radio brings you a new track from our Outer Edges album titled ‘Straight hook’, brand new Blackout, and many more. Our label manager Jaap joins us for this week’s episode!

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Noisia – Straight Hook [VISION]
Pythius & Neonlight – Tarkin [BLACKOUT]
Noisia – Sinkhole [VISION]
Nickbee – Glow [INVISIBLE]
The Upbeats Ft. Mara TK – Say Go [VISION]
Chee – Consequences [LISTENER SUB]
Monty – First Skank Then Talk [CRITICAL BINARY]
Teddy Killerz & Icicle – Louder [RAM]
Phentix & Signal – Informer [CYBERFUNK]
Noer The Boy – King Jawn [BANDCAMP]
Bass Brothers – Kravitz [PLAYAZ]
Fierce & Zero T – Expose [QUARANTINE]
Amathyst – Masticate [MULTILUX]
Enei – Vertigo (Current Value Remix) [CRITICAL]
Disphonia – Energy [RED LIGHTS]
Tapecut – Beez [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ed:It – Isolution [SHOGUN]
Question Time!
Teebee – Human Reptile [SUBTITLES]
MachineCode & Lockjaw – Sonic Tower [EATBRAIN]
Zonderling – Be Free [HEXAGON]

Noisia Radio S02E16

This week’s episode premieres new releases from our own imprints by The Upbeats, Posij and Subtension. Among the usual beats and dnb we like, Thijs explains why he mistakenly thought Martijn did karate. 😀

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The Upbeats – Dr Kink [VISION]
Posij – Grab The Cookie [DIVISION]
Subtension – Cobalt Blue [INVISIBLE]
Signal, Segment & Concept Vision – Medium [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
Commodo – My Liege [BLACK ACRE]
Arktkt – Yeti [SOUNDCLOUD]
Neonlight – Lost Signal [BLACKOUT]
Holly x Mo Vibez – Going Nuts [SOUNDCLOUD]
Noer The Boy – Whatchudo [LIQUID AMBER]
Silent Witness – Tightener [TRIPLE SEED]
Steelan – Skhema [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kursa & Faek – Behind This Door [BAD TASTE]
spannende dweil.mp3
Question Time!
Impak – Bleeps (Shyun Remix) [KILL TOMORROW]
Gridlok – Tricks [VIOLENCE]
Eskmo – Celsius [ANCESTOR]
Mono/Poly – Dreamscape [BRAINFEEDER]

Noisia Radio S02E15

Noisia radio this week: many exclusives, a new premier from the new various artists EP on Division, and Pharaoh from The Upbeats and Ivy Lab. We also play a request by Hunterday from Texas. Yeehaw!

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Bleep Bloop ft. BRSMSN – Recombine [DIVISION]
The Upbeats & Ivy Lab – Pharaoh [VISION]
DLR – Question That [PLASMA]
Holly x Quix x Montell2099 x Villette X Elevate – How I Do [SOUNDCLOUD]
Proxima – On The Outside [NEODIGITAL]
Dub Head – Rustle Morning Stars [DISPATCH]
Mo Vibez – Claps [BANDCAMP]
TC feat. Jakes – Rep [REX]
Signal & Phentix – Onset [CRITICAL]
Neonlight – Tailspin [BLACKOUT]
Proxy – Battlepack [GAME MUSIC CS:GO]
Calyx & Teebee Ft. Ayah Marar – The Fall [RAM]
it escaped.mp3
Question Time!
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix) [MAU5TRAP]
Noer The Boy – Room 8 [LIQUID AMBER]
Rawtekk – Restless [MED SCHOOL]
Optical – Slip Thru [VIRUS]
Disprove – In The Lab (Anders Eisenberg Remix) [AMMUNITION]

Noisia Radio S02E14

This week in Nosia Radio; more exclusives from our own imprints, we answer some great questions from you guys and play you some old s**t we never finished that we finished!

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The Upbeats – Doom [VISION]
Former – Aleph Here [DIVISION]
Phace – Mumbo Jumbo [SHOGUN]
Subtension – Hi There [INVISIBLE]
Like Lions x Clame – Too High [SOUNDCLOUD]
Wilkinson – Flatline Feat. Wretch 32 (Ivy Lab Remix) [RAM]
Gydra – Dystopia [BAD TASTE]
Neonlight – The Towering Inferno [BLACKOUT]
Tsuruda – Greekmonstah [SOUNDCLOUD]
Spectrasoul – Glimpse ft. dBridge (Ivy Lab Remix) [SHOGUN]
Noer The Boy – Slumpy [LIQUID AMBER]
Rawtekk – The Hatch [MED SCHOOL]
Baauer – Sow [LUCKYME]
Philth & Wreckless – The Circle [DISPATCH]
Question Time!
verzamel ze alle kemal MENALDUMADEEL.mp3
Skeeb Sullivan – Realm [SOUNDCLOUD]
Fortran – Sardines (Bad Company Remix) [METRO]
Trentemøller – Into The Trees (Serenetti, Pt 3) [POKER FLAT]

Noisia Radio S01E25

This week we have another brand new Invisible track and Thijs gives a short lecture about aquatic birds.

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Davip – Helicopters [INVISIBLE]
Klax – The Level Ft. MC ID [CRITICAL]
Rockwell – 14ME [SHOGUN]
Doctrine – Deckard [RAM]
I Am Legion – Blue Shift [DIVISION]
DBR UK & Denial – Poison Light [DISPATCH]
16Bit – Skullcrack [MTA]
Tsuruda – Ode2noertheboy [SOUNDCLOUD]
Heist – Grebe [METALHEADZ]
Noisia – Square Feet [VISION]
Arkaik, Dexta, Mauoq & Mtwn – Tales Of A Tonka Truck Driver [DIFFRENT]
Mefjus & Phace – Clock Off [NEOSIGNAL]
Noer The Boy – Bowtothesword [SOUNDCLOUD]
Mikal – Fear The Unknown [METALHEADZ]
Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint [INVISIBLE]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Inverse [VISION]
Samiyam – Kitties [BRAINFEEDER]
Dawn Wall – Round Table [INTEGRAL]
Combat zone.mp3 (With The Upbeats)
Universal Project – Vessel [VIRUS]
Burial – Wounder [HYPERDUB]