Break – Winter Rain

Released Friday 18th March.

This March Intrigue Bristol celebrates 13 years of hard work in the game with a brand new compilation, Intrigue 13. The third instalment in their annual compilation series features productions from Break, Random Movement and a whole host of Intrigue friends and family.
After the success of Intrigues 11 and 12 the third instalment continues the tradition of containing one track for each year in the game. It’s a warm sunshine filled album that effortlessly showcases the diversity of the drum and bass sound with productions from established names like Break, Random Movement and Roygreen and Protone as well as promising cuts from up and comers like Lurch and New York based producers, Ian M and Raw Q. The track Ninth Avenue also features samples recording in New York on (you guessed it) Ninth avenue.

No Intrigue album would be complete without some choice productions from the Intrigue family themselves with Ben Soundscape and The Insiders bringing four cuts to the table including a Mark System remix of their track, Pathways and even an appearance from top vocalist Collette Warren. A solid third chapter in the series and not one to be missed.


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