NickBee – Mental Transition

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Label founder NickBee returns to Axon Recordings with another slice of premium dark drum & bass with his new single ‘Survival Instinct / Mental Transition’.

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NickBee – The Gears [Eatbrain]

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RedPill – Lose Control [Kosen Production]

Beatport Exc: 17th Oct

Released on imprint Kosen Production, pedestalled by The Clamps and having already featured releases from the likes of Signs, Nickbee and other neuro progressives, RedPill has definitely found the perfect home for his music.

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Hybris – Carousel (NickBee Remix) [Plasma Audio]

Nickbee immediately builds the vibe on this remix by morphing short edits of the original vocal sample with filtered drum breaks. This intro instantly brings a sense of familiarity and connection with Hybris’s Carousel. In true Nickbee style, the drop is packed with energy. Cleverly scattered percussion, rolling drums patterns and a driving baseline gives this tune relentless propulsion. Nick masterfully maintains a sense of urgency throughout the tune with smart edits, tight 16th note hi-hat grooves and snappy offbeat percussive elements. This one is sure to have the dance floor elevated !

Plasma 013 – Release date – 5th September 2016

A. Hybris – Carousel (Nick Bee Remix)
B. Subtension – Overground

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Noisia Radio S02E32

Our album ‘Outer Edges’ is out today! This week features two new Noisia, two new The Upbeats and one brand new Nickbee tune, and we talk about the leak and release of our album in Question Time.
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Noisia – Mantra [VISION]
The Upbeats – Babylon [VISION]
Noisia – Get Deaded [VISION]
Nickbee – The Time [INVISIBLE]
DieMantle – Sex Machine [SPEAKERBOX]
Hybris – Komputr [NEODIGITAL]
Posij – Killer [INSPECTED]
Holly & No Puls – Paths [FREE DOWNLOAD]
BTK & Cold Fusion – Not Your Idol (Current Value Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
Was A Be – Code Red [SHOGUN]
Maztek Ft. June Miller – Blaffer [EATBRAIN]
Nasty Nasty – Trash Mouth Better [SATURATE]
No Puls – Tangles Vines [DUB]
London Elektricity – Drop Ship (Bop Remix) [HOSPITAL]
The Upbeats ft. Orifice Vulgatron – No Surprises [VISION]
Monty – Dead Cells [CRITICAL BINARY]
Question Time!
trubo injectie twee punt nul lietr.mp3
Cause 4 Concern – Synergy [C4C]
Hapa – Curious [SOUNDCLOUD]
Rival Consoles – Johannesburg [ERASED TAPES]

Noisia Radio S02E31 (Icicle Guest Mix)

An icicle guest mix, brand new music from The Upbeats, Noisia, and Nickbee. Combined with a selection of beats and questions answered. Noisia Radio in effect.

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The Upbeats – Joyrider [VISION]
Nickbee – Confrontation [INVISIBLE]
Noisia – The Entangled [VISION]
Noisia – Tentacles [VISION]
Nasty Nasty – Sick Little [SATURATE]
Canon Danzer – Wump Wump [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Stranjah & Grimm – Reign Supreme [JUNGLE SYNDICATE]
DROELOE – Straight Murder [SOUNDCLOUD]
1. Arca – Beacon – [Mute]
2. Proxima – Cross Lines – [Dub]
3. Shamanga – Fierce (Skeptical remix) [Shoot]
4. Icicle – See / Take – [Dub]
5. Leaf – Monsoon – [Serial Killaz]
6. Phantom Audio – Remote Contro [Timeless]
7. Dub Phizix – Dun Dem – [Free Download]
8. Icicle – Problem ft. Skittles [Shogun Audio]
9. Was A Be & Synthethics – 4 To The Floor [Shogun]
10. Proxima – Grover – [Dub]
11. Shield – Cut Deep (ft. Black Daniels) [Dub]
12. Subtension – Overground – [Plasma]
13. Icicle – Differentia – [Shogun]
14. Signal & Disprove – Fearless [Critical]
15. Icicle – Untitled [Dub]
16. Rene Lavice & Current Value – Calm The Fuck Down [Ram]
17. Icicle – Ego [Shogun Audio]
18. Agressor Bunx – Colony [Program]
19. Proxima – Clear Freq – [Dub]
20. Posij – Runner – [Hospital]
21. Stakka & Skynet – Decoy – [Under Fire]
22. Icicle & Proxima – Untitled – [Dub]
23. Spor & Icicle – Mind of an Insomiac ft. Linguistics’ [Sotto Voce]
Question Time!
but i can remember (le jazz lounge).mp3
Bad Company – Excession [BC]
Gonner – Not So Fast [SOUNDCLOUD]

Nickbee – Another Dimension [Concussion Records]

Purchase the vinyl here:

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Release Date: February 29th, 2016

Concussion Records are back with their second release, CNCSN002, on which the Ukrainian master Nickbee drops Another Dimension and Splitting Hairs.

Nickbee is truly a legend in his own time, and an artist and producer who has won acclaim from right across the drum & bass world. Starting out at the early age of 15, releases on Horizons Music, Dispatch Recordings and Close 2 Death earned him the praise of Bad Company, Noisia and Friction amongst many, many more. Now, he is moving on with a new release on Concussion, a label who previously hit you with music from Kantyze and Bowsar in the form of Prelude to Schism and Thanos. Now, make sure you are ready for Another Dimension and Splitting Hairs.

The former shakes its way into life around some stuttering percussion, whilst the background is filled in with some chilling, eerie atmospherics. Nick slowly builds things up in his trademark intense fashion, with chiming keys counterbalancing the morphing, transforming bassline. Next up is the drums, which drop in to form the backbone of the tune. The bass sits forward, going absolutely crazy whilst still being restrained. Talk about a quiet storm, Nick proves once again that he can do it all with Another Dimension. Transport yourself.

Big, no, huge sounds from Concussion Records on CNCSN002. Brain-wrecking.

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Break – In The Moment

Buy now on the Horizons store:
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Horizons is celebrating ten years in business with a new compilation, simply called Ten.

For a decade now the UK label has been associated with a minimal-leaning and often progressive drum & bass sound, racking up releases from the likes of Sabre, Survival, Seba and June Miller. For their tenth birthday they’ve collected 14 new tracks from the roster, which includes Break, DLR, Nickbee, Silent Witness, Digital, Need For Mirrors and more. The label are also offering up two new remixes of Skitty’s “10 Steps”—the label’s very first release from way back when—by Jubei and Amoss. The album will come on CD, vinyl (two EPs and an separate 12-inch) and digital formats.






NickBee – Night Stalker [Vandal Records]

VDL009: Nickbee – Terra Formation / Night Stalker

Pre-order it here :

“We are proud to announce Nickbee’s debut release on Vandal Records.
Hypnotic futuristic soundscapes with a monstrous bassline and a fucked-up drum work will make “Terra Formation” a drum & bass rave-favourite
On “Night Stalker” a dark atmosphere, a low and angry bassline and an intricate breakbeat work create a harsh and menacing vibe.”

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Nickbee – Terra Formation

Nickbee – Terra Formation is released on Vandal Records.

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Label: Vandal Records
Cat: VDL 009
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 27th Jan. 2014

Vandal Records
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