NGOs react to near-total ban on sending wild elephants to zoos | AFP

NGOS say they are ‘pleased’ with the decision taken in Geneva by the regulator of global wildlife trade to impose a near-total ban on sending African elephants captured from the wild to zoos.

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How fast fashion pollutes | AFP Animé

Thirty major textile groups, one of the most polluting industries in the world, launched on Friday, ahead of the G7, a coalition to reduce their environmental impact based on voluntary action, and sceptically welcomed by NGOs. Videographic on the impact of this industry.VIDEOGRAPHIC

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Peru looks to conserve, develop Amazon with help from local communities | AFP

Peru looks to conserve the Amazon jungle and create sustainable development within the communities like those in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, where jobs like harvesting aguaje fruit can boost local economies, launching the Natural Heritage of Peru initiative. NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation have contributed 70 million dollars to the initiative, which the government has promised to match over the next 10 years.

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Durban residents try to rebuild after deadly S.Africa floods

Families in Durban are trying to rebuild after a storm in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province killed around 70 and displaced 1,000 more. Government and local NGOs are trying to provide affected families with shelter and food until they get back on their feet.

UK govt plans to give £10mn for ‘network of NGOs’ to combat Russia – Integrity Initiative leaks

British NGO, the Integrity Initiative, has been trying to create a Europe-wide network to counter so-called Russian propaganda, new leaks reveal. They also apparently reveal the UK government-funded project has been sending spies abroad to test the capabilities of potential agents & then report that data to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. READ MORE:


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In Los Angeles county, NGOs monitor mental health of homeless

Rocky was 56 years old when she found herself penniless and hungry, and living on the streets. She quickly slid into a deep depression, a common experience for people finding themselves in such a traumatic life change. In Los Angeles County, which has the highest rate of homelessness in the United States, NGOs monitor their mental health.

War-displaced Ukrainians disenfranchised as election looms

More than a million Ukrainians have been displaced by war in the east of the country, and many are now facing barriers to voting in a presidential election. Just four percent of the displaced have registered for the March 31 election, NGOs say, leaving some of Ukraine’s most deprived people without an opportunity to affect the vote.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we focus on Mauritania, where NGOs are fighting to pass legislation to better protect women’s rights and we take you to Nigeria, which is drawing the attention of international brewers, keen to capitalize on this largely untapped market.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Women fight for rights in religiously conservative Mauritania

In Mauritania, NGOs are fighting to pass legislation to better protect women’s rights. But in this conservative West African nation, the topic divides society and politicians alike. One draft piece of legislation that aims to punish gender-based violence more severely has already been rejected twice in parliament.

Moscow’s help for the homeless expands ‘out of sight’

Russia’s Lyublino homeless shelter in Moscow is providing relief from Russia’s bitter winter with 1,000 beds, two heated shelters and 474 employees. It’s a symbol of efforts made by Moscow to help the homeless – provided they are kept away from the city centre. While NGOs applaud the progress that’s being made, they criticise the stigmatising of a population forced to endure extreme conditions and live on the margins of society.