Richard Gere brings supplies to migrants stranded in the Med | AFP

US actor Richard Gere boards an Open Arms boat in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to bring food and water to 121 rescued migrants and to the NGO crew that have been waiting for eight days for a port to dock at.

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Demonstration in Banjul, Gambia against sexual violence | AFP

People in Banjul, Gambia, mobilise to demonstrate against sexual violence after Human Rights Watch reported that former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh ‘handpicked’ women to sexually assault and abuse. The investigation, by HRW and a Swiss NGO, TRIAL international, is based on evidence from several women, eight former Gambian officials and several other witnesses, they said. IMAGES

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French NGO fears EU food aid may decrease after elections

As the European Union readies its budget for 2021 to 2027, French NGO les Restos du Cœur is concerned funding for the homeless may decrease. The charity is heavily dependent on EU aid, with a quarter of meals financed by the union, according to one of the group’s presidents.

Rio’s stray bullets cause innocents to suffer

Parents and friends of Maria Eduarda, a schoolgirl killed two years ago by stray police bullets in Rio de Janeiro, protest in front of the governor’s office. According to Rio de Paz, the NGO that organized the protest, 54 children under the age of 14 have been killed by stray bullets in Rio since 2007.

100 whales captured in Russia for aquariums

Dozens of orcas and beluga whales captured last summer for use in oceanariums have brought Russia’s murky trade to the spotlight. Russia is the only country where killer whales and beluga whales can be caught in the ocean for “education” purposes. The legal loophole has been used to export the animals abroad, especially to satisfy a demand in China’s growing network of ocean theme parks. Greenpeace has proposed to the Russian authorities to let the NGO provide “technical assistance” to the animals so they can survive until their release.

Malnutrition, one of the saddest faces of the Venezuelan crisis

Samuel, who is 15 months old, weighs as little as a newborn and was close to death upon admission at Caracas Central Hospital. As Venezuela’s government and opposition quarrel over letting in foreign humanitarian aid, the saddest face of the crisis is indeed that of suffering children – but thanks to a team of medics and a Venezuelan NGO, some young children are on track to a happier health.