VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – July, 08 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: pro-Russia separatists reportedly destroy bridges near Donetsk to halt Ukrainian troop advances, Syrian activists keep rebels online, Zimbabwean president says white people can’t own land, and Myanmar’s government acknowledges trafficking of wild elephants into Thailand.

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Bridges Leading to Donetsk Blown Up
State media says separatists are trying to stop troops from reaching the embattled city.

Activists Help to Keep Rebels Online
A group of engineers in the north of the country is using satellites to keep the Free Syrian Army connected.

Mugabe Says White People Can No Longer Own Land
The leader wants the country’s remaining white farmers to cede their land to black Zimbabweans.

Wild Elephants Trafficked Into Thailand
Wildlife NGO Traffic says the animals are subjected to brutal treatment while they’re domesticated for tourist camps.

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