VICE News Daily: Mexico Bans Circus Animal Performances

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: lawmakers in Myanmar make it harder for Buddhist women to marry outside the faith, Cameroon forces evictions of people in flood-prone areas, a nationwide ban on performance animals takes effect in Mexico, and artificial blood created in Colombia could be the future of life-saving transfusions.

Lawmakers Approve Controversial Bill on Interfaith Marriage
Rights groups and activists say the legislation, which could keep Buddhist women from marrying outside the faith, was signed under pressure from hardline monks.

Authorities Begin Destruction of Homes in Low-Lying Urban Areas
Hundreds of houses built with wooden plants and makeshift materials are being demolished in areas of Douala that are prone to flooding.

Law Banning Circus Animals Takes Effect
Mexico City and 16 other states already had bans, but the new measure expands that nationally.

Biomedical Engineers Create Artificial Blood For Use in Transfusions
The team says the oxygen-carrying, translucent liquid could save lives in conflict zones, remote locations, and whenever there’s a shortage of donated blood.

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