Blackout XL // 01.02.2019 // Utrecht

We’re hosting another Blackout XL in our hometown Utrecht!
2 rooms filled with the best drum & bass. Hope to see you there 🙂

Get your tickets here:


Noisia (DJ set)
Sub Focus (DJ set) & MC ID
Black Sun Empire
Calyx & Teebee
Agressor Bunx b2b RedPill
MC Dart
Multiplex MC

Culture Shock
Hybrid Minds
Eye-D & Hidden
MC Swift
Innate MC

Blackout XL
Vrijdag 2 februari 2019
TivoliVredenburg | Ronda + Pandora
23:00 – 06:00 | 18+

Tune ID: RedPill – Jealousy

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Neonlight – Bitcoin

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!


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Neonlight – Neon City (Neonlight Rework)

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

Out now as an exclusive track on the Deluxe Edition of Neonlight their Debut album My Galactic Tale!

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Blackout Podcast 73 – Redpill [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition ix mixed by Redpill!

Check out his new single here:

Redpill – Hazardous
Redpill – Down The Rabbit Hole
Mefjus – If I Could
Mindscape – Meltdown
ID – ID (ID remix)
ID & ID – ID
Teddy Killerz – Reptile
ID ft ID – ID
Agressor Bunx and L33 – Slammer
Disprove, ABIS & Signal – Angst
ID ft ID – ID
ID ft ID – ID
Synergy – Process
Doctrine – So Did I
Prolix – Slob
Pythius – Akkoord (feat. June Miller)
Redpill – Get On It
Bl4ck Owlz – Fake
Redpill – 1234
Redpill – Fading
Kolt – Harpy
ID – ID (ID remix)
ID – ID (ID remix)
Noisia – Into Dust (Neonlight remix)
Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)
Noisia – Incessant (Redpill edit)
Agressor Bunx – Infinity
Black Sun Empire ft Foreign Beggars – Dawn of a Dark Day (Receptor Remix)
Neonlight – Bad Omen (State Of Mind Remix)
Sub Focus – X-Ray (Metrik remix)
Teddy Killerz and June Miller – Outer Space
Mr. Frenkie – Bass Symptom
Zombie Cats – Vandalism
Signs – Negative Contact
Redpill – Rabbit
Malux – Glue Worm
Redpill – Follow The Reaper
Neonlight – Neon City (Neonlight rework)
Pendulum – Witchcraft (Netsky remix)
ID & ID – ID
Mefjus – Work It
Holly & Former – Visor
Redpill – Call of the Warchief
Jade & State Of Mind – Highlander
Rido – Roll The Drums
Maztek & Redpill – Electronic Warfare
Neonlight – Rascals (Signal remix)
ID – ID feat ID
Disprove – Autolyse
Current Value – Consequences
Zardonic & Syze – My Prey (ID remix)

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Blackout Sample Pack #001 Demo Track (Black Sun Empire, Neonlight. Pythius and Proxima

We just released the first edition of our sample pack series! over 550 premium Drum & Bass Samples made by a team of acclaimed Drum and Bass producers!

You can learn more about the sample pack here:

Blackout Sample Pack #001 (Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, Pythius and Proxima)

Get the Sample pack Now:

The inimitable sound of Black Sun Empire has spread widely across the horizon of Drum and Bass since the beginning of the current millennium. Their powerful shadow obscured sound systems first through their own production, and then by extension through the powerful Blackout label and events. Proliferation of their sound has reached critical mass, with a dedicated group of fans eager for both new releases and events from the Blackout furnace. With a roster consisting of some of the most highly-praised producers of heavy Drum and Bass, including Audio, Current Value, State of Mind, Telekinesis, Neonlight, Pythius and the mighty Black Sun Empire themselves – the weight of their sound is undeniable.

With this next step the reach of their vision extends further – putting the full power of their label roster into the hands of producers both established and upcoming, through a series of hefty sample packs set for release through the Blackout Music store. Each pack contains an array of pads, bass, drums/percussion, sfx and synth work from some of the most exquisitely heavy, leading pioneers of electronic music – complete sets of audio that will first flicker and then darken DAWs worldwide.

The first pack features 4 producers who’s technical prowess and production skills are universally recognized in the Drum & Bass scene this day. Leading the charge in the first Edition of the Blackout Sample Packs are label owners Black Sun Empire, followed by Neonlight, Pythius and Proxima. The combined might of the sound of these artists makes for a sample pack that every producer, from starter to veteran, can make use of.

With these sample packs Blackout are feeding the producers of tomorrow – providing the tools for producers to create the new sound the Blackout Label inspires. The future is limitless, it’s what we make of it – and the soundtrack is in your hands.

– More then 550 Samples & loops
– All in Wav
– 760MB
– Royalty Free
– Made by a team of renowned Drum & Bass producers

Untone – NFG x Grabuge Contest Winner Mix

Here’s the winner of our Mix contest for our NFG event with Grabuge in Lille, France. The event will take place on March 3rd with NickBee, Akov, Innate MC and the Grabuge crew!

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Tracklist :
Destabilise – L 33
Nuclear Whatever – A-Cray
Exploration (Neonlight Remix) – Prolix, Rido
Mantra (Remastered Mix) – AKOV
Tentacles – Noisia
Blow Them Away – Serum, Inja
Differentia – ICICLE
Flashizm – Mefjus, Emperor
Kinesis – Shyun
Breaking Point – Cruk
Shall We Begin? – Mind Vortex
Fearless – Signal, Disprove
Confrontation – Nickbee
Who Got da Funk – Break
The Last Laugh feat. Nuklear – Chris.Su, Nuklear
Giant Killer Bees (Sub Zero Remix) – Dominator, Sub Zero, Logan D
Time Tripping – Hazard
Tarkin – Pythius, Neonlight
Optimum Trajectory – Rido, Mefjus
Demon Inside – Coppa, Kursiva
Dissuade (Emperor Remix) – Mefjus
The Crypt – L 33, Hijak MC
Higher (The Prototypes Remix) – Netsky, Jauz
Extaziest – Tobax
End of the Line – Merikan
Face Scraper – Bl4ck Owlz, The Clamps
Caterpillar feat. Virus Syndicate – Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind, Virus Syndicate
Sanity Check – Mefjus, Emperor

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Billain – Batbots (Pythius Remix)


Out now alongside remixes from Neonlight, Malux & Mindscape to form the Batbots/Manifold remix EP via Bad Taste!


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All of the music on this channel has either been sent to me directly by the artists themselves or from the label who own the copyright to the song. If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to email me. Images are downloaded from a free site, if you happen to be the owner/designer please again dont hesitate to inbox me to attach links, copyright or to simply remove the content.

Blackout Podcast 59 – Rido [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition is Mixed by Rido

Free Download:

1) Rido – Ignition (Blackout)
2) Misanthrop – Notbot (Neosignal)
3) Current value – Capsule (Othercide)
4) Misanthrop – Antimachine (Neosignal)
5) Rido – Microwave radiation (Blackout)
6) L33 – Analogue (Addictive behaviour)
7) Break – Who got the funk (Symmetry)
8) Rido – Movin (Blackout)
9) ChaseR – First ecounter (Ignescent)
10) Agressor bunx – Roadside (Blackout)
11) Loadstar – Change the channel (Ram)
12) Rido – Cut the midrange (Blackout)
13) Subtention – Overground (Plasma audio)
14) Neonlight n Wintermute – Shovelgroove (Blackout)
15) Rido – Solar walk (Blackout)
16) Noisia – Motian blur (Vision)
17) Rido – Thursday funk (Blackout)
18) Jade – What you are /Break rmx/ (Citrus)
19) Zombie cats n Zafra – Portal /Joe Ford rmx/ (Major league)
20) Rido n Counterstrike – Let it roll (Let it roll)
21) Misnthrop – Malfunction (Neosignal)
22) Prolix n Rido – Exploration /Neonlight rmx/ (Trendkill)
23) Rido – Pure freguency (Blackout)


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Pythius & Khronos – Warlock [Blackout]

Forthcoming Pythius his “Heresy” EP Featuring Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, State Of Mind, DJ Hidden and Khronos.

Release date: 26-08-2016

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