Mules, tools and old bricks: Rebuilding China’s Great Wall | AFP

Nature, time, neglect and millions of footsteps have taken their toll on the Great Wall of China leaving much of it crumbling, but repairing it can be painstaking — and controversial — work. After public outcry when a 700-year-old section of the monument was ‘fixed’ by covering it with cement — authorities insisted on more authentic restoration using traditional methods: so now labourers, aided by mules, use reclaimed stones and mortar.

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Zombie pigs? Scientists restore partial function in hours-dead animal brains

Dead pigs’ brains have been partially revived in a study that upends established wisdom about what happens when we die, raising serious ethical questions even though researchers claim the brains never regained consciousness.

Disembodied pig brains subjected to an experimental preservative procedure showed some restored cellular and molecular function and even some synaptic activity, researchers discovered, observing these “signs of life” ten hours after the animals had been killed.

The brains of ordinary pigs, taken from a slaughterhouse, were cleansed and cooled, then pumped full of a chemical cocktail designed to slow their deterioration, and the results – published Wednesday in the journal Nature – are striking.



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UN ‘greatly encouraged’ by news of HIV remission case

Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General says the ‘Joint United Nations’ Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS)’ is “greatly encouraged” by news that a patient is in sustained remission from HIV. Ten years almost to the day since the first confirmed case of an HIV-infected person being rid of the deadly disease, a man known only as the “London patient” has shown no sign of the virus for nearly 19 months, doctors reported in the journal Nature.

Argentina displays replica of dinosaur found in Patagonia

A herbivorous dinosaur that fended off predators with a row of spines running along its back and lived 140 million years ago has been found in Argentine Patagonia. The discovery of the new species of dicraeosauridae, christened Bajadasaurus pronuspinax, was revealed in scientific journal Nature.

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