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US-France ‘Bromance’ on the rocks after Trump’s twitter tirade

On the heels of a rocky trip to Paris to mark the World War I centenary, Trump fired off a caustic series of early-morning tweets against French President Emmanuel Macron and renewed his frequent charge that America’s European allies in NATO spend too little on defense.

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US tanks take part in NATO exercise in Norway

Tanks and armored vehicles belonging to the US marines drive out of a holding position on a road towards the town of Oppdal as a part of NATO’s huge Trident Juncture 18 exercise taking place in Norway. IMAGES

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Norway’s military tech on display during NATO exercises

Members of Norway’s home guard, using a system combining sensors, cameras, miniature drones and remotely controlled machine guns demonstrate technology used to defend a military base assembled by NATO and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) during NATO’s huge ‘Trident Juncture 18’ exercise currently underway in Norway. The demonstration shows members of the Norwegian military detecting a simulated threat and using the system to open fire on the threat and dispatch a quick reaction force to neutralise it.

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NATO, Russia hold drills in same area off Norway

(30 Oct 2018) NATO’s secretary-general said Tuesday he is confident that both the Western military alliance and Russia “will act in a respectable way” as the two sides hold drills in the same area in waters off Norway’s coast. (Oct. 30)

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