Coronavirus: Over 400,000 volunteers sign up to help UK NHS | AFP

Speaking at Downing Street’s daily coronavirus briefing, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that over 400,000 people have signed up to be National Health Service volunteers within just 24 hours of an appeal being launched. Volunteers will deliver medecine and check up on patients by phone, amongst other duties. SOUNDBITE

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UK party leaders in final week of campaigning

UK party leaders have entered the final week of campaigning ahead of the general election on Thursday, Dec. 12. Leaders hammered home core messages to voters, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowing to deliver his government’s Brexit deal, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn arguing that his Labour Party would prevent any further privatization of the National Health Service, and Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson giving priority to stopping Brexit and seeking bolder initiaves to battle climate change.

Labour accuses UK PM of plot to ‘sell’ NHS to Trump | AFP

Britain’s main opposition Labour party accuses Prime Minister Boris Johnson of plotting a deal with Donald Trump under a “secret agenda” to allow US pharmaceutical companies access to the state health service. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the “election is now a fight for the survival of our National Health Service”.

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Meanwhile in UK: Robocop busts Boris Johnson over Brexit deal

A yellow anti-Brexit bus departed from the UK’s Palace of Westminster on Friday for a week-long tour ending in Brussels next Thursday, for the start of the European summit on the divorce deal.

The crowd-funded “Bollocks to Brexit” bus will firstly tour the UK, visiting the constituencies of Prime Minister Theresa May and former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

As part of the display Friday, protester Drew Galdron impersonated the former foreign secretary, pretending to be arrested while being taken on to the yellow bus.

Johnson was originally behind the well-publicized red Brexit bus that promised an extra 350 million pounds (4.47 million US dollars) a week for the National Health Service.


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