Aussie croc wrangler joins Indonesia bid to save tyre-tied reptile | AFP

An Australian television personality has thrown his hat in the ring to help capture a giant Indonesian crocodile and remove a motorcycle tyre stuck around its neck. Matt Wright, host of National Geographic’s “Monster Croc Wrangler” show, was on the island of Sulawesi Thursday with a team using traps baited with duck, a drone and even a harpoon in a bid to reel in the reptile. from Matt Wright’s fellow crocodile wrangler Chris WilsonN°1OZ68M

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‘Went too far’: National Geographic on ‘true message’ behind viral picture

National Geographic has admitted it ‘went too far’ linking a starving polar bear with climate change…saying there was no way to know for certain why the bear was dying

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Banderas: The old me is dead, thanks to new role

Antonio Banderas hopes his latest role as Pablo Picasso will help audiences, particularly in America, to see him as they’ve never before. He portrays the painter in National Geographic’s anthology drama series ‘Genius: Picasso.’ (May 4)

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Why a best friend at work increases productivity and success

Dan Buettner, National Geographic explorer and author of “Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons from the World’s Happiest People,” explains four things that will enhance your work life. Following is a transcript of the video.

Dan Buettner: So in my book, I outline a number of statistically underpinned things that you can do to make it more likely you’re going to like your work life and first and foremost among them is get a job that speaks to your passions as opposed to your bank account. When it comes to income, utility of that flattens out, passion always grows over time.

Secondly, you want to take a job near your home. The thing we most hate in our day-to-day life is our car commute, so minimizing that.

The third thing, and probably the biggest determinant of whether or not you like your job, is if you have a best friend at work, and that comes from two million Gallup surveys. And you start asking yourself, well, how do I get a best friend at work?

Well, it usually involves putting yourself out there, thrusting out your hand to somebody you don’t know, inviting them to lunch, doing a happy hour with them. You want to get to the point where your conversation transcends the usual just commercial back-and-forth of work or talking about sports score. You want to find a friend with whom you can have a meaningful conversation and they’ll actually care about you on a bad day.

And then the last thing is to think about vacations. You actually get more utility from vacations if you take a lot of small ones rather than a big one, and the ideal number of weeks of vacation per year is six weeks. After six weeks we actually kind of get sick of vacations, but in America we only take about 11 days on average and we could be a lot happier workers if we spread that out closer to the six-week ideal.


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“Jones’ depth of character is mouth-watering” 9/10 – RuPaul LeSnack, Variety

“Depicts gravely the ongoing struggle between man and wild insects” 7/10 – National Geographic

“Maintaining an astonishing level of personality without a single line of dialogue” 3/10 – PowerDommel Film Review

“Weak spreads from both Roos and van Sonderen” 1/10 EnragedBoner