Venezuela’s parliament rejects legitimacy of Maduro second term

Venezuela’s National Assembly rejects the legitimacy of Nicolas Maduro’s second term, with assembly president Juan Guaido saying that if Maduro assumes his new mandate on January 10, he will be “usurping” the presidency. SOUNDBITE

“Yellow vests” in southern France unconvinced by gov promises

In southern France, “yellow vest” protesters who have been running a “free toll” operation on a motorway for the past few weeks say measures announced by the government to calm the crisis are “small droplets”. The protesters want to see more dramatic reforms, including “referendums” and the “dissolution of the National Assembly”.

French MP joins yellow vest protest during Assembly session

French politician and deputy Jean Lassalle wears a yellow vest in solidarity with anti-fuel protests, during a session at France’s National Assembly, provoking a brief adjournment of proceedings after refusing to take it off. SOUNDBITE

Cuba to open socialist economy to private property

Cuba is preparing to recognize the market as part of its socialist economy, as part of a new Constitution which its National Assembly is set to approve this weekend, taking extreme caution not to abandon its ideological roots.

French lawmakers pass controversial immigration law

France’s National Assembly pass a controversial immigration law that has exposed unprecedented divisions in President Emmanuel Macron’s young centrist party. IMAGES

Fight at Senegal’s National Assembly over election bill

A fight breaks out at the Senegalese National Assembly in Dakar during the examination of a controversial election reform. Outside, police fired tear gas to break up a protest and arrested several people, including a former premier. IMAGES

Cuba’s Raul Castro votes for next Assembly president

Cuban President Raul Castro votes to elect the National Assembly’s next president, in a process that will lead to the election of his successor. IMAGES

Cuba National Assembly starts process to name new president

Cuba’s National Assembly opens a session that will lead to the nomination of Raul Castro’s sucessor. IMAGES

S.Africa’s new president seeks ‘solution’ on land redistribution

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa appears before the National Assembly for his first question and answer session since he took over as head-of-state in February. He appeals to the nation for help in “finding a solution” to the issue of land redistribution from wealthy whites to poorer blacks. SOUNDBITE