Black Hair in Hollywood: A Tangled Issue (Part 2)

Many black actresses say a widely known Hollywood secret is that they often have difficulty finding hair stylists to properly style their hair when on set. It’s a complicated issue that’s gone on for decades, and many blame the stylist and MUA union. Halle Berry, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathan, Tiffany Haddish and more discuss hair problems in Hollywood. (Oct. 25)

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Hybrid Minds ft. Charlotte Haining – Higher Love (Official Video)

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You show me a higher love, higher love 💕

Video credits:
Director: Haroun Al-Shaater
DOP: Peter Garajzski

Starring: Markus Bernard Börger, Eliza Lawrence, Le Quyen Nguyen

Produced by Brother Brother (

Stylist: Grace Nicholas
MUA: Liudmila Gottwald

Gaffer: Joran Ost
Gaffer: Luke Sullivan
Lighting Assistant: Braden Harris
Assistant Camera: Federico Settimelli

Colorist: Agustin Melfi

Clothing from,

Special thanks to Marylou at Dschungel Bar and background actors: Marcelo Rodrigues, Sangeeta Singh, Angus Baird, Liz Grunwell, Cassie Atcherley, Maarten Delobel

Hybrid Minds
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Charlotte Haining
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#drumandbass #dnb

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Mediks – Original Selecta (Bristol City Hack Music Video)

Bristol’s chief bass doctors are back: With classic key sounds, rolling beats and a highly-sprung bassline, Audioporn’s D&B trio have gone into serious sonic surgery overdrive to create a tailor-made soundtrack for the Bristol team in our UKF & Desperados City Hack series! The team wanted to juxtapose two perceived sides of the city – contrasting the mundane with the energy and creativity of Bristol in unexpected ways.

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The Making Of:

City Hack is a creative competition between teams in London, Bristol and Manchester supported by Desperados & UKF.
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This video was made with assistance from Clockwise Media:

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Bristol City Hack team:
Alex Williamson
Patrick Nazemi
Stefan Chelland
Tom Gardner

Producer: Ollie Prince
Director: Dan Higginson
D.O.P: Doug Walshe
Focus Puller: AJ
Production Manager: Andrew Harrison
Runner: Michael Mccormick
MUA: Sophia Cox
Stylist: Georgie Hillier
Drummers: Batala Drummers
Free runner: Tom Taylor
Graffiti Artists: Cheba, 3Dom
Fire Performers: Fire Spark
Dancers: 3rd Stage Dance Company