Rescuers carry body from volcano summit after Indonesia quake

Indonesian rescuers carry the body of a hiker from the summit of Mount Rinjani after recent earthquakes hit areas across Lombok island and triggered landslides at hiking routes.

Volcano hikers tell of terror after Indonesia quake

Foreign hikers recall their terror when tonnes of rock cascaded down after strong quakes struck Indonesian tourist island Lombok. Major landslides were triggered on Mount Rinjani, blocking the hiking routes that criss-cross it.

Hundreds of Indonesians take refuge in tents after earthquake

Hundreds of Indonesians have been injured and living in tents after a deadly earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok. Meanwhile, more than 500 trekkers were feared trapped in Mount Rinjani after the quake triggered a landslide which blocked the hiking routes.

After Earthquake, Climbers Seek Safer Ground

(30 Jul 2018) Hundreds of tourists stranded on Mount Rinjani in Indonesia, after a powerful earthquake rocked the island of Lombok, are making their way off the mountain, shaken by their experience but mostly unharmed, authorities said on Monday. (July 30)

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