On The Line: Jake Hanrahan On His Detention In Turkey, And Why Mohammed Rasool Must Be Released

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VICE News journalist Jake Hanrahan (https://twitter.com/Jake_Hanrahan) joined On The Line to discuss reporting in Turkey, his detention, and why Mohammed Rasool must be released.

In late August, VICE News reporters Jake Hanrahan, Philip Pendelbury and Mohammed Rasool, were arrested outside their hotel in Diyarbakir, Turkey and charged with supporting a terrorist organization. Prior to their arrest, the trio had been reporting on the conflict between Turkish forces and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

After 11 days in detention, Jake and Phil were released. Mohammed Rasool, however, remains wrongfully imprisoned, and the investigation into all three reporters is “ongoing.”

VICE News maintains that the charges against Jake, Phil, and Mohammed are baseless and absurd. We call on the Turkish authorities to continue their positive course of action in freeing Jake and Philip, and release Rasool immediately.

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