VICE News Daily: Ukrainian Gay Rights March Attacked by Opponents

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: At least 44 people were killed when airstrikes hit the main army headquarters in Sanaa, a prison uprising in southeast Brazil has led to the deaths of at least 2 inmates, a gay rights march in Kiev was attacked by opponents throwing smoke bombs, and motion sensors in Panama City potholes are tweeting at the Ministry of Public Works.

Airstrikes Hit Army Headquarters
At least 44 people were killed in new airstrikes on the capital city Sanaa.

Two Killed in Prison Riot
Overcrowding led to a prison uprising in southeast Brazil that killed at least 2 inmates.

Anti-Gay Rights Protesters Clash with Police
Opponents of gay rights threw smoke bombs while more than 300 supporters marched in Kiev.

Motion Sensors in Potholes Tweet to Ministry
Devices tweet a message to the Ministry of Public Works whenever a tire runs over the sensor in a pothole.

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