Meet The Man Negotiating Brexit For The 500 Million EU Citizens That Remain (HBO)

The EU AND UK will soon launch the latest round of Brexit talks next week, and one man will be speaking for the 27 remaining countries: Michel Barnier.

The future rights of 500 million citizens and and the world’s most powerful trading bloc are riding on the deal his team brokers with the UK.

Barnier has a reputation as a hardliner, which stems primarily from the strong banking reforms he introduced as the EU internal market commission between 2010 and 2014. And his opponents have seized on that reputation to paint him as a villain in current Brexit talks.

With Brexit’s deadline looming, VICE News sat down with Barnier to discuss the the status of the world’s largest divorce proceedings.

“Right now, I have no certainty,” Barnier tells VICE News. “I can see the difficulty and the intensity of this debate. We’re waiting for the British to have a clear position and choices.”

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