In Syria, the Milky Way glimmers over a sea of rubble | AFP

Years of violence in Syria’s last major opposition bastion has created a landscape of ruin, eerily lit by the Milky Way in the night sky. These timelapses taken on an unusually clear night with no moon show the stark contrast between the grim devastation on the ground and the Milky Way.

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Mars Chairman Stephen Badger Reveals Details About Company’s Future

Mars Inc, the maker of M&Ms, Snickers, and Milky Way, was once one of the most secretive companies in the United States. But that has started to change during the last few years.

The 106-year-old company is making some big transformations in an effort to tackle new challenges and new opportunities.

We sat down with Mars chairman Stephen Badger to discuss why the company is opening up and to see what the $35 billion firm has planned for the future. We also got him to give us some insight into what working for a family company is really like.

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RAM DRUM & BASS USA VOL 3 (Mixed By Chords)

RAM’s Drum & Bass Annual 2016 – watch/listen here!
RAM Drum & Bass USA Vol.2 (Mixed By Chords) – Out NOW:

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One of the longest standing independent labels to emerge from the heady UK rave explosion in the early 90s, Ram Records is a bona fide institution. Inspired by the exciting, genre-melting creative free-for-all that was happening between hardcore, techno and breakbeats, Andy C and Ant Miles founded the imprint with one distinct vision: to push production creativity and dancefloor dynamics to the very limits.

22 years forward and that spirit is just as crucial to every aspect of Ram’s operations today. A true scene authority that has worked with – and nurtured – the most high profile and talented names in electronic music, the label is consistently supported from every corner of the scene. Transcending the concept of a record label as we know it, the brand hasn’t just contributed to the unique fast-paced genre but has worked tirelessly to elevate and develop it in every possible creative way. To put it simply: drum & bass wouldn’t be the unique beast it is today without Ram’s involvement.

Bringing us all up to speed, Ram have explored their epic vaults to curate three special collections exclusively for its passionate, ever-growing US community. Joining the dots between its earliest, rawest roots and its most upfront, future-shocking slammers, each of these collections represents Ram Records in all its many exciting shades.

This third and final collection brings Ram’s unique series to an almighty climax. Saving some of its most uncompromising, most daring, most timeless, most creative of tracks for the grand finale, be prepared for a bombardment of the senses… From Ram Trilogy’s thundering percussion session ‘Titan’ to the smouldering, emotive vocal soars and aggy bass sneers of Concord Dawn’s ‘Fly Away Home’ and Loadstar’s ‘Space Between’ via Lomax’s post-apocalyptic war cry ‘Faith Massive’, each of these tracks boils drum & bass down to its most critical, crucial, visceral ingredients.

Another essential highlight is Shimon & Andy C’s historic ‘Body Rock’. The first instrumental drum & bass tunes to hit the UK’s commercial charts, it’s triplet dynamic has influenced D&B to this very day. Elsewhere we’re treated to concentrated funk by way of Moving Fusion’s ‘Thunderball’ and Sub Focus’s trailblazing ‘Rock It’. We’re hurled into the deep space, deep bass abyss on Ram Trilogy’s ‘Milky Way’ and driven into a shamanic state by Fresh’s modern day jungle homage ‘Gatekeeper’.

Ten moments of true drum & bass history: no one joins the dots quite as succinctly as Ram Records. Constantly pushing the boundaries at every level… ‘Ram Drum & Bass USA’ doesn’t just represent the best of Ram Records but some of the finest moments of the entire genre to date.

Ram Drum & Bass USA: Vol 3

1: Ram Trilogy – Titan
2: Loadstar – Space Between
3: Shimon & Andy C – Body Rock
4: Fresh – The Gatekeeper
5: Moving Fusion – Thunderball
6: Loadstar -Link To The Past
7: Ram Trilogy – Milky Way
8: Sub Focus – Rock It
9: Concord Dawn – Fly Away Home
10: Lomax – Faith Massive

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Technimatic – Turner Road

Available to buy now on iTunes:
Drum&BassArena (Download):
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Technimatic – Turner Road is available now exclusively on Drum&BassArena Anthology 2.

Physical Albums:
HMV (3CD):

1. Blind Faith (Feat. Liam Bailey) (Loadstar Remix) – Chase and Status
2. Guilt (Culture Shock Remix) – Nero
3. Through the Night – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
4. Children – Dimension
5. Out the Blue (Feat. Alice Gold) – Sub Focus
6. Turner Road – Technimatic
7. Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix) – Heavy1
8. Let Me Be Your Fantasy (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) – Baby D
9. Moonwalker – Wilkinson
10. Tap Ho – TC
11. Tape Pack – Harvest
12. Lighter (Bladerunner 2012 Remix) – DJ SS
13. Look Sharp VIP – Serum
14. Send Dem – Serial Killaz
15. Barfight – Athys & Duster
16. Program – Noisia & Phace
17. Ignition – Optiv & BTK
18. Tripwire – Rockwell
19. Noise of Thunder – A.M.C.
20. Shodan VIP – Coda

1. Tarantula (Feat. DJ Fresh, $pyda & Tenor Fly) – Pendulum
2. Mr Happy – DJ Hazard & D Minds
3. Link to the Past – Loadstar
4. Penamana – Original Sin & Taxman
5. Babylon – DC Breaks
6. Slam – Pendulum
7. Bullet Time (Spor Remix) – Bad Company UK
8. Chubrub – Ed Rush & Optical
9. Warehouse – Logistics
10. Uprising – Artificial Intelligence
11. Ask Not V.I.P. – Q Project
12. No. 1 Sound (Ebony Dubsters Remix) – Total Science
13. Ska (Remix) – DJ Zinc
14. Set It Off – Friction & K-Tee
15. Lost Hours – Icicle
16. Contradictions – Alix Perez
17. I Refuse – Netsky
18. Dubrock – Alix Perez
19. All Blue – Sigma
20. By Your Side (Logistics Remix) – S.P.Y.

1. R-Type – Jo
2. 6 Million Ways – Dopeskillz
3. Quest – Shimon & Andy C
4. Black – DJ SS
5. Warp 10 – Rude Bwoy Monty
6. Enta Da Dragon – DJ Red
7. Hearing Is Believing (Remix) – Ma2
8. Being With You – Foul Play
9. Love Is Not a Game – J Majik
10. The Basement Track – High Contrast
11. Midnight (M.I.S.T V.I.P. Remix) – Un-Cut
12. Milky Way – Ram Trilogy
13. 20/20 (Future Cut Remix) – Future Cut
14. Sick Note – Ed Rush & Optical
15. Squash – Total Science
16. Hornet – Bad Company UK
17. Grimey – Dillinja
18. The Beginning – Moving Fusion
19. Nitrous – Bad Company UK
20. Messiah – Konflict

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