Adoptive US family trapped in India with daughter

Mike and Whitney Saville have been trapped in India after a 2-year wait to adopt. They were told Wednesday by the U.S. embassy that the airlines are refusing to help evacuate them – as well as some 200 other Americans. (March 26)

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Bloomberg in Houston, campaigns for Black votes

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg campaigned for black voters in Houston on Thursday. The former New York City Mayor repeated his apology for the “stop-and-frisk” police policy and announced the creation of Mike for Black America. (Feb. 14)

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In New York, Bloomberg slams Trump’s policies towards women at a campaign rally | AFP

During a campaign event in New York City, Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg slams US President Donald Trump’s policies towards women. “The president wields his bully pulpit and his Twitter account to demean women on a regular basis,” says the billionaire as he launches the “Women for Mike” movement.

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Get Outta Here! Podcast: Gift Guide

Looking for a little thing — or a big thing — for the traveler on your shopping list? Our guest experts on holiday gifts are Mike and Anne Howard, who have been on the world’s longest honeymoon since 2012.

On #MyFavoriteTrip: Actor Tim Dolan, who described his Broadway theater walking tour business a couple of weeks ago, tells us about a special day off from the cruise ship where he was working.

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Dividing Expenses With Your Significant Other Can Be Infuriating — Here’s How These Couples Do It

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These three couples all have a different way of dividing financial responsibilities. Mike and Kim have found that over the years, keeping things separate has totally worked for them. Andrew and Mark had a hard time figuring out the equal parts of the things and activities they were sharing. Sarah-Beth and Reuben admit that they’re still figuring it out, but that having a joint credit card seems like the right start for them. 

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Following is a transcript of the video:

Kim: I mean, what’s interesting for us is that we’ve been together for almost 10 years, lived together for about 4 and been married for one and a half, and we’ve never gotten to the point where we feel like we actually need to actually combine finances. We still have completely separate bank accounts, because we just — I think from an early stage got used to like, alternating with the larger purchases, like if we’re going out to eat, or, you know, he’ll buy the plane tickets home, and I’ll rent the car, or whatever.

Mike: Yeah.

Kim: And so, we’ve kinda maintained that. It just works really well for us, because we each know exactly what’s coming into our accounts, and we know what we can afford to splurge here and there. We both — like, we talk about saving, like our own savings and stuff.

Mike: Yeah.

Kim: It’s just worked out well. So, there wasn’t like some huge change when we moved into together, because we just kept doing the same thing, like I write him a rent check every month.

Mike: Yeah.

Kim: And then, he writes the full check to our landlord.

Mike: Yeah.

Kim: We just kept doing that. And it’s just —

Mike: Yeah.

Kim: been easy. We like, never argue about money or anything like that —

Mike: No.

Kim: Because we just —

Mike: Yeah. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you know?

Kim: Yeah.

Mike: We have our own, sort of accounting methods that we both use, and … yeah, we both make it work.

Andrew: I think the biggest challenge for managing our money when we first moved in together was how to split living costs, like, you know, rent is easy, utilities are easy, but like going out together …

Mark: Food and drinks —

Andrew: Yeah.

Mark: And all the other little stuff.

Andrew: Groceries, just the household necessities, just realizing that one of us, who might have taken on more of the day to day things that we do, started paying for more of them, but was making less money. So figuring out how to balance that and how to make that a little bit more equal.

Reuben: So, money is like the, since we got married has been like the hardest thing to figure out, and we’re still figuring it out. And, funny thing is is that, like, most of our friends who also have gotten married recently are also in the same boat, but I would say the smartest thing we’ve done is having a joint credit card together.

Sarah-Beth: Yeah, I agree with that.

Reuben: Where, like, we no longer get to the checkout counter at the grocery store and are like, “Oh, can you put half on this card, half on that card?” We have like this joint card. And I think that’s like starting us down the path of like, figuring it out, but it’s hard.

Why Shaq Never Tried The Underhand Free Throw

Shaquille O’Neal has a career 52.7% free throw percentage. Some say Shaq could have vastly improved his percentage by shooting underhand or “granny style.”

Rick Barry did it, and he wound up the 4th best free throw shooter in NBA history. Even legend Wilt Chamberlain did it for the 1961-62 season, and his percentage improved by 10%.

We asked Shaq why he refused to shoot underhand, and it turns out he isn’t sold on the technique. Following is a transcript of the video.

Shaquille O’Neal: Because it’s boring.

Business Insider: But it’s been proven to be somewhat effective.

O’Neal: No, it’s not. It’s not proven. Just ’cause a couple guys did it doesn’t mean anybody can do it.

Rick Barry swore by it and is the fourth best free throw shooter in NBA history.

I told Rick Barry I’d rather shoot 0% than shoot underhand. I’m too cool for that.

The underhand free throw creates a softer shot and is easy to repeat. Overhand free throws spin twice on the way to the basket. Underhand shots tend to spin 3 to 4 times. The extra spin helps shots that hit the rim. Even basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain shot “granny style” during the 1961-62 season. His free throw percentage rose by 10.9%

I think it was the man upstairs’ way to just keep me humble. ‘Cause imagine me with the game that I had, shooting like Steph Curry from the free throw line. I’d probably be a difficult man to deal with because in my mind I would know that I’m the best player ever created.

Better than Mike, better than Wilt … so it was just a way to keep me humble. But when it came time to really buckle down and concentrate and you got a whole crowd doubting you and the whole crowd supporting, I always knock ‘em down.

Shaq’s low free throw percentage led to the “Hack-a-Shaq” strategy, intentionally fouling players with low free-throw percentages.

BI: How’s your free throw these days?

O’Neal: I haven’t shot in about four years. I’m retired.


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