Prepping for Valentine’s Day in a luxury Paris hotel

Champagne, candles, flowers…and a view of the Eiffel Tower – it doesn’t get any more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day in Paris. At luxury hotel Le Bristol, preparations are already in full swing – and some love birds made reservations at their three Michelin-starred restaurant nearly a year ahead.

Boat cuisine: Superchef Ducasse takes to the water

Still smarting from being kicked out of his Michelin-starred restaurant halfway up the Eiffel Tower, France’s most famous chef Alain Ducasse is pressing on instead with a new restaurant almost directly underneath it — and, he boasts, it floats.

Homeless Lebanese dishwasher becomes Michelin-starred chef

When Lebanese chef Alan Geaam first arrived in Paris two decades ago he found himself sleeping on the streets, lost and penniless with hardly a word of French. This week Geaam, who began his career as a dishwasher while he was sleeping rough in a Paris park, received his first Michelin star from the French gastronomic bible for his acclaimed new restaurant within a stone’s throw of the Arc de Triomphe.