Commemoration event is held for victims of last year’s Budapest boat disaster | AFP

The tour boat operator that owned the Mermaid, which sank a year ago on a busy stretch of the Danube in downtown Budapest, organises a commemoration event, laying a wreath at the site of the accident. The Mermaid sightseeing boat sank within seconds after colliding with the Swiss-registered Viking Sigyn river cruise vessel, leaving 27 people dead, mostly South Korean tourists. The disaster was Hungary’s worst boating accident in more than half a century. IMAGES

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Seven South Koreans die in Budapest tourist boat tragedy | AFP

Hungarian police launch a criminal probe into one of the country’s worst boat disasters that left seven South Korean tourists dead and 21 others still missing. The Mermaid sightseeing boat collided with a much larger passenger cruise vessel on the Danube in the heart of Budapest on Wednesday evening and went down in just seven seconds, police said.

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