Lebanon sinks old tanks to create underwater dive ‘park’

Divers progress around immersed tanks and armoured vehicles off the coast of the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon. Environmental activists dropped off 10 old battle tanks provided by the Lebanese Armed Forces into the Mediterranean Sea to create new habitat for marine life.

Lifeline rescue ship docks in Malta after six days at sea

The Lifeline, a rescue boat stranded in the Mediterranean Sea with over 200 migrants docks in Senglea, Malta. A deal was struck between a group of EU states to take them in after the ship was waiting for 6 days at sea without receiving stopover permission from any nearby countries. IMAGES

Repatriated Nigerian migrants struggle to resettle

More than 1,500 Nigerians who were trying to get to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea have been returned from Libya since November. It’s been tough on them, physically and mentally. But they face more difficulties when they return home.