VICE News Daily: Chile’s First Legal Crop of Medical Marijuana Harvested

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Indian police kill 20 sandalwood smugglers, China’s tourism ministry will keep track of bad behavior abroad, Libyan troops secure medical supplies, and Chile’s first legal crop of medical marijuana harvested.

Sandalwood Smugglers Killed by Police
Indian police killed 20 smugglers suspected of logging endangered sandalwood.

Tourism Ministry Begins Tracking Bad Behavior
Beijing will keep track of its citizens’ bad behavior for up to two years in an effort to curb embarrassing incidents.

Medical Equipment Secured in Benghazi
Troops have secured critical medical supplies after a serious shortage due to fighting in Benghazi.

First Medicinal Marijuana Crop Harvested
Cancer patients will benefit from Chile’s first legally harvested crop of medical marijuana.

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