Task Horizon ft.MC Spyda – Shattered Self

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Out now on Evolution Chamber! Task Horizon return with an extremely impressive EP consisting of 4 huge tracks all of which are accompanied by MC Spyda, grab it now!

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Task Horizon – Shattered Self ft. MC Spyda [Evolution Chamber]

Task Horizon – Arachnophilia EP
Evolution Chamber Recordings

1 Shattered Self ft. MC Spyda
2 Let Them Talk ft. MC Spyda
3 No Soundboy ft. MC Spyda
4 Unimpossible ft. MC Spyda

Full Release: 28 th Oct 2013
CAT: EVOCEP001 / Digital

Music which stands the test of time, which transcends technology and reaches into the souls of listeners. This is the basis of Task Horizon’s projects and is the legacy of their time together. Their work ethic and desire has resulted in much-acclaimed releases on
DSCI4, Timeless, Cause4Concern, and more, and has seen them launch their own Evolution Chamber label, where they continue to explore the possibilities of d&b, drumstep, electro and beyond.

Sub Focus “Shattered shelf is a great track”
Prototypes “Shattered is sick,”
CRAZE “Dope shit!”
Optiv “Great Tunes As Always!!!!”

Their latest mission sees them team up with The Black Tarantula himself MC Spyda on the Arachnophilia EP. This four-tracker sees the duo at their peak, controlling the boards like only they know how. Moving effortlessly between styles, the EP shows off their skill and passion in equal measure. Opener Shattered Self moves with a range of emotions, from dark, through deep, to elegiac and uplifting. Electronic music from and for the next millennium, the sonic background fits and moulds to Spyda’s rhymes perfectly. Beyond enormous.

The Swiss producers’ music has been supported by Noisia, Ed Rush and Optical, Optiv and more and it’s not hard to see why. Let Them Talk carries on the vibe of the EP, heading into some driving, cinematic territory, where their electro and dubstep influences come shining through. Again, Spyda’s killer rhymes are clear, sharp and delivered with venom and intent. Climb inside.

John B “wow. nuts. thanks.”
Neon Lights “HUGE! big prodcution as always! Big ups bad boy :)”
Zardonic “Shattered Self is gonna wreak some
serious havok!”

Who can test Task Horizon and Spyda? No Soundboy, according to the third cut on the collection. More bass n’ beats madness pervades this one, with a stuttering, storming drum line to satisfy all and sundry. Builds, drops, synths and pure craziness, as the MC stamps his authority on all proceedings. Sharp, funky and seriously dangerous. Closer Unimpossible collects things together perfectly, as it hurtles through space and time in an intergalactic battle between the producers and vocalist. Complete with touches of drum & bass, drumstep, dubstep and that indefinable quality which all great producers have, it is a fitting end to the EP.

Task Horizon continue on their quest to bring music forward and take it to new places. Lose your fears, and come face to face with the Arachnophila EP.

Rene LaVice “love mc spyda, bigup”
Billain “like this alot!!!”
Gremlinz “Heavy release!”
Brookes Bros “Cracking combo bigups guys”

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Task Horizon – iDrive ft. MC Spyda [Evolution Chamber]

OUT NOW : http://www.beatport.com/release/perfection-idrive/1082200

Task Horizon, and Evolution Chamber are ready to take things to the next level.

Switzerland’s Task Horizon are, in the shape of their new label, Evolution Chamber, setting the world of drum & bass on its head. Throw out your preconceptions, your rules of how things have been done up to now, and open your eyes to the possibilities made real by their new single, Perfection/iDrive.

Made up of producers Aaron von Schroeder and Tim Kleinert, TH are known for their powerful, direct music. This attitude comes shining through on Perfection, which features James Gruntz. The track has a sense of destiny about it, driving as it does into your very being. Rising warmly out of the intro, electro riffs kick in next, before melodic touches fit nicely under the beat. Hefty bass sits at the bottom of the mix, which is topped by some neat percussive effects. The whole package makes Perfection the ideal set-opener. Amongst those who have included Task Horizon in their selections include Optiv, Adam F, J Majik, Andy C and Pendulum.

Evolution Chamber is set to release more classic, timeless music in the upcoming months. iDrive, featuring MC Spyda is as sure a statement of purpose as you will find. An epic, cinematic opening soon opens into a build/drop combo, and some seriously heavy bass saws. The beat picks the pace up, never leaving off for a second, as you are catapulted into a bizarre video game world. There’s no let up as the MC vocals kick in, and Task Horizon are able to show off their major studio skills with full velocity on the track. Beats and bass bounce off the walls as listeners everywhere are left gasping for breath. This one is something special indeed.

Keep an eye on Task Horizon. Keep a look out for Evolution Chamber. Both the artists, and the label, could not be hotter right now.

Label: Evolution Chamber Recordings
Cat: EVOC002
Genre: Drum n Bass
Release date: May 13th
Format: Digital Download


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