Lights Out – Let Go (Ft. Marianna Ray)

Blackout Youtube selection, your go-to for dark drum and bass!

Lights Out, formed by L 33 & MC Coppa, release 2 new tunes on their own Lights Out Audio imprint. Out on the 2nd of December here:

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Jam Thieves – Get Out The Way (ft. MC Coppa)

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Jam Thieves link with MC Coppa on the screw-face inducing ‘Get Out The Way’ on Playaz.

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Alibi ft. MC Coppa – Trunk

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Brazilian duo Alibi return to V Recordings with a double A sided release in the shape of Trunk b/w No Escape. Their recent single with Command Strange ‘Skyline’, which spent 2 weeks at Beatport #1, proved that they aren’t adverse to a collaboration. To continuing this winning formula they’ve hooked up with long time D&B vocalist MC Coppa to provide the lyrical artillery on ‘Trunk’, and their Brazilian compadre Nitri on ‘No Escape’.


V Recordings:

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Anatomix – Alien Ft. MC Coppa [Neurofunkgrid]

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

From Anatomix his new release on Neurofunkgrid!

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Gydra feat. Mc Coppa – Trident Festival 2016 []

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Slovakia / Duchonka / 23.06.2016 / Live / Trident Festival / dnb / drum and bass / Neurofunk / Eatbrain

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Blackout Podcast 58 – Pythius [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition is Mixed by Pythius

Free download:


Pythius & Black Sun Empire – Heresy [Blackout Dub]
The Upbeats – Dr. Kink [Vision]
June Miller – Spin Test [RAM]
Neonlight – Queen Beth V [Blackout]
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Twisted Up [Blackout]
Pythius & Neonlight – Tarkin [Blackout Dub]
Phace – So Excited [Neosignal]
Segment & Concept Vision – Roar [Eatbrain]
Teddy Killerz & Gridlok – Sputnik [RAM Dub]
Nickbee – Confrontation [Invisible Dub]
Optiv & BTK – Inception (Gydra Remix) [Dutty Audio Dub]
Noisia – Anomaly [Vision]
Pythius – Driveyard Ft. Kryptomedic (Signs Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
A.M.C & Turno – Fever [Titan Dub]
The Upbeats – Def Crescent (Neonlight & Wintermute Remix) [Blackout]
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Until The World Ends Ft. PNC (Mind Vortex Remix) [Blackout]
June Miller & Teddy Killerz – Wildlife [Ram]
Malux – Rubix [Inspected]
Pythius – New Order [Blackout]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – The Truth VIP [Technique]
Ed Rush – Scarabs [Piranha Pool]
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Thug [Blackout]
Phace – Lit Up [Neosignal]
Donny – Symtomless Coma (Current Value Remix) [Barcode]
Telekinesis – Fight Club Ft. MC Coppa (Pythius Remix) [Blackout]
The Upbeats – DOOM [Vision]
Audio & Prolix – Creatures Ft. MC Nuklear [Ram]
Current Value – Impact [Invisible]
Signal & Disprove – Fearless [Critical Dub]
Rido – Movin [Blackout]
Maztek & June Miller – Blaffer [Eatbrain]
Pythius – Coruscant [Blackout]
Misanthrop – Capitalism [Blackout]
The Upbeats – Joyrider [Vision]
Pythius & State Of Mind – Dirty Money [Blackout Dub]
Teddy Killerz & Annix – Leap Of Faith [RAM Dub]
L33 – Bloodbrain [Eatbrain]
Pythius & Khronos – Warlock [Blackout Dub]
Pythius – Air Raid [Blackout]
Audio – Rogue [RAM]
Pythius – BBT (Current Value Remix) [Blackout]
Pythius & DJ Hidden – Corrosive [Blackout Dub]
Black Sun Empire & Pythius – Desert Sand [Blackout]
Herder – Foregone Conclusions


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Gydra – Psycho ft. Mc Coppa [Eatbrain]

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

Out now on Eatbrain!



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Blackout Podcast 46 – Pythius [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Pythius.

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Pythius – New Order [Blackout Dub]
Mind Vortex – Against The Grain [RAM]
Disprove – Frqns [Eatbrain Dub]
Segment & Concept Vision – Executed [Blackout Dub]
Optical & BTK – Infection [Dutty Audio Dub]
Pythius – Coruscant [Blackout Dub]
Mindscape – One Sound Ft. MC Kryptomedic [Blackout]
Mefjus, Insideinfo & The Upbeats – Footpath [Virus]
Khronos – The Heavy [Blackout Dub]
Telekinesis – Fight Club Ft. Mc Coppa (Pythius Remix) [Blackout Dub]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx [Blackout]
Qo – Evil Dead (A-Cray Remix) [Eatbrain Dub]
Mob Tactics – Return Of The Snitch [Viper]
Current Value – Eager Fight [Blackout]
Pythius – Executor [Blackout Dub]
Optiv & BTK – Dive Bomb [Virus]
ID – Dumflad [Dub]
Black Sun Empire – Dawn Of A Dark Day Ft. Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix) [Black Sun Empire Recordings]
Teddy Killerz – Hyperspeed [RAM]
Misanthrop – Rock & Roll [Blackout]
Pythius – BBT Wait And Bleed VIP [Dub FOREVER AND EVER :D]
Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind – Jack Nicholson [Blackout]
Audio – Foodchain [RAM]
Insideinfo – No Funk [Viper]
Black Sun Empire – Extraction [Black Sun Empire Recordings]
Pythius – Vermin [Blackout]
Telemetrik & Hyx – The Bane [Black Sun Empire Recordings]
Mindscape – The 4th [Blackout]
Pythius – Driveyard Ft. MC Kryptomedic [Blackout Dub]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Omnivore [Vision]
Misanthrop – Collapse [RAM Dub]
Pythius & Khronos – ??? [Dub]
Current value – Contact [Blackout]
DC Breaks – Shaman VIP [RAM]
State Of Mind – No-Operative [Blackout]
Pythius – Abandon [Blackout]
Ulver – The Future Sound Of Music

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Maztek – Three Point Zero

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Based around the concept that we as a species have come to a point in our own evolution where man, machine and spirituality have all merged together, Maztek’s aptly named ThreePointZero explores the relationship between the real and the cyber world.

Featuring an array of well-chosen collaborations of both vocalists and producers alike – such as Dutch hip hop crew Dope D.O.D, Hardware / Virus’s BTK, Viper’s Insideinfo, Ram’s Audio, Italian new blood Disprove and vocalist MC Coppa. Maztek has created a cogent and extremely innovative long player that once again proves why DnB will never die.






Mindscape & Jade ft. Coppa – Friday The 13th [Eatbrain]

Mindscape and Jade enlist the badboy vocal talents of MC Coppa on ‘Friday The 13th’. Eerie vibes, distant sirens, and faint screams set the vibe before Coppa’s potent lyrics take center stage. His words are foreboding, like the threatening bassline gradually coming into focus beneath the surface. An orchestra of aggressive drums, mind-bending vocals and a grungy bassline that doesn’t quit, ‘Friday The 13th’ makes for a seriously infamous concoction. The dirt is palpable.

Dark. Deep. Unfiltered. Unrestrained. This is premier neurofunk drum & bass. This is Eatbrain.

21st April vinyl only – EatbrainLP001-1
5th May vinyl only-EatbrainLP001-2 & EatbrainLP001-3
12th May Beatport Digital
26th May Digital Worldwide + double CD

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Forbidden Society ft. MC Coppa – Hurtlocker

Forthcoming on Forbidden Society Recordings !


OUT ON VINYL 10.12.2012 ( incl. DOWNLOAD CODE FOR 4 bonus tracks )
OUT ON DIGITAL 17.12.2012 ( Beatport / iTunes / Juno Download and all good digital shops )

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Prolix ft. MC Coppa – Interlace

The mighty Prolix steps up to bring you his hard hitting single taken from the forthcoming ‘On Like That EP’ featuring the vocal stylings of the one and only MC Coppa displaying their skill and versatility. When it comes to music production, Prolix never fails to disappoint with his soaring synths, crashing percussion and trade mark deep rollers which have made him a household name and catapulted the producer to international stardom.

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DisasZt & Shimon – Rumours (feat. MC Coppa)

Massive massive massive track by DisasZt & Shimon titled Rumours. If you’ve still not bought this album yet you’re a fool! Viper’s Summer Slammers CD – available to buy from iTunes: and from D&BA:

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Viper Recordings Presents: Summer Slammers 2010 (Minimix by KG)


KG brings you this 15 minute mix of some exclusive new tracks and an all-star lineup including: Matrix & Futurebound, Nero, ShockOne, DC Breaks, Camo & Krooked, J-Majik & Wickaman, Brookes Brothers, Metrik, DisasZt & Shimon, Original Sin and more!

Minimix Tracklist:
1. Metrik ‘Lightspeed’
2. Futurebound V’s Brookes Brothers ‘Dawn Treader’
3. K.G ‘Runaway’
4. Uman ‘Switch Circuit’
5. J-Majik & Wickaman ‘Fleshwound (Original Sin remix)’
6. Smooth ‘7th Sense’
7. DC Breaks ‘Halo’
8. DC Breaks feat. Cat Knight ‘Fever’
9. Nero ‘Do You Wanna’
10.Ian Carey ‘Shot Caller (Matrix & Futurebound remix)’
11.The Prototypes feat. Darrison ‘Evolution’
12.DisasZt & Shimon feat. MC Coppa ‘Rumours’
13.Matrix & Futurebound feat. Louis Smith ‘Coast to Coast’
14.L.A.O.S ‘Fire & Water’
15.Genetic Bros ‘Branches’
16.Camo & Krooked V’s Body & Soul ‘The Reward’
17.L-Plus ‘Flood’
18.ShockOne ‘Polygon’

Full Album Tracklist:
1. DC Breaks ‘Halo’
2. Nero ‘Do You Wanna’
3. K.G ‘Runaway’
4. ShockOne ‘Polygon’
5. Matrix & Futurebound feat. Louis Smith ‘Coast to Coast’
6. The Prototypes feat. Darrison ‘Evolution’
7. Ian Carey ‘Shot Caller (Matrix & Futurebound remix)’
8. Metrik ‘Lightspeed’
9. Furlonge ‘Sin Bin’
10. DisasZt & Shimon feat. MC Coppa ‘Rumours’
11. L-Plus ‘Flood’
12. Futurebound V’s Brookes Brothers ‘Dawn Treader’
13. Camo & Krooked V’s Body & Soul ‘The Reward’
14. J-Majik & Wickaman ‘Fleshwound (Original Sin remix)’
15. Uman ‘Switch Circuit’
16. Genetic Bros ‘Branches’
17. Smooth ‘7th Sense’
18. ShockOne, Metrik & Phetsta ‘True Believer’
19. DC Breaks feat. Cat Knight ‘Fever’
20. L.A.O.S ‘Fire & Water’