Inside The Harry Potter-Themed Bar Where You Mix Drinks In A Cauldron

Wizarding bar The Cauldron is a fantasy book lover’s dream.

Guests dress up in robes and are given a cauldron to mix their own drinks. They even get a magic wand to get beer from their “tree of life.”

Cocktails (called “potions”) are made using traditional ingredients like elderflower and lavender, but also unusual ones like dry ice, or a secret Indonesian flower.

“The potions behave in different ways according to what you put in them and how you make them,” The Cauldron manager David Duckworth told Business Insider. “It basically stems from molecular mixology.”

The Cauldron also grows its own herbs and plants including basil, thyme, mandrake, and monkey jars.

Guests can purchase a wand to take home for £20.

The Cauldron opened as pop-up after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has plans to become a permanent bar.

“I’m a huge science and fantasy fiction geek. I was studying programming and design and I wanted to make what I was reading about in fantasy books real,” The Cauldron CEO Matthew Cortland told Business Insider.

The experience costs £29.99 and includes three drinks.


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