Italy’s Salvini gathers football officials to stop violence

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini gathers Italian football officials in Rome to take action to combat racism and violence in stadiums. IMAGES

Italian interior minister Salvini welcomes migrants from Niger

In Pratica di Mare, Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini welcomes a group of 51 migrants from Niger, entitled to international protection.

Italy’s Roma community protest over hostile climate

Members of Italy’s Roma community demonstrate in front of the Italian Parliament on the occasion of Roma Genocide Remembrance Day. They denounce Matteo Salvini’s government for fuelling hostile attitudes towards the minority group.

Selling on beach threatened by crackdown on illegal trade

Sellers on Italian beaches say they feel threatened by Italy’s Interior minister’s crackdown on illegal trade. Matteo Salvini promises zero tolerance and also wants to fine the customers, up to seven thousand euros in penalties, according to law already in existence but rarely applied.