Noisia Studio Tutorial: Foundations (with Mefjus)

Nik and Thijs take you through ‘Foundations’, a collaboration between Noisia and Mefjus, featured as final single on the ‘Particles’ project by Mefjus. Stream / Download:

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“Foundations is named after a big part of our early inspiration in the drum and bass world: the rolling and funky but dark sounds of Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix & Fierce and Cause 4 Concern. This release is dedicated to the memory of Edd Holmes, aka Optiv, who was a big influence on us both with his solo work and as member of Cause 4 Concern.” – Martin, Nik, Thijs, Martijn

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Mefjus & Noisia – Foundations

Stream / Download:
Final chapter in the ,Particles’ series by Mefjus.

“Foundations is named after a big part of our early inspiration in the drum and bass world: the rolling and funky but dark sounds of Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix & Fierce and Cause 4 Concern. This release is dedicated to the memory of Edd Holmes, aka Optiv, who was a big influence on us both with his solo work and as member of Cause 4 Concern.” – Martin, Nik, Thijs, Martijn

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Noisia ‘Outer Edges’ world premiere @ Let it Roll 2016

Recap of the world premiere of our Outer Edges show at Let it Roll, the perfect setting for our debut!

‘Outer Edges’ music and tour dates:

“As you might have noticed, our album got leaked. Many, many sad face. But on the positive side: we’re now releasing it as soon as we can. That means if you buy it on our own store, you can download it right away. Enjoy!” Martijn, Nik and Thijs

Bundle, Digital, Premium Vinyl Box, CD and Merch available at:

Confirmed Outer Edges shows
08/16 – Sziget Festival, Hungary
08/19 – Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium
08/21 – Lowlands Festival, The Netherlands
08/27 – SW4 Festival, United Kingdom
09/02 – Outlook Festival, Croatia
10/21 – ADE @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
More ‘Outer Edges’ dates to be announced. Check for our DJ schedule.

Noisia Radio S02E21

This week in Noisia Radio; brand new Icicle on Shogun and fresh beats from Ivy Lab. In Question time Martijn talks about his worst gig ever! Enjoy 😀

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Icicle – Differentia [SHOGUN]
Shield – Fools [2020]
Agressor Bunx – Hottah [PROGRAM]
Chee. – Fabrigade [RENRAKU]
Mantra – Mindgames [UVB-76]
Pythius – BBT (Current Value Remix) [BLACKOUT]
Ivy Lab – Spooky Dub [2020]
Holly & LOJACK – Visions [SOUNDCLOUD]
Spor – Woodruff Feat. Phace [SOTTO VOCE]
Outlit – Trypto’d [RAUTHENTIC]
Ceph – Solitude [CO-LAB]
Emperor – Jounce [CRITICAL]
Telemeter – Pressure [LISTENER SUB]
het is helaas eenzaam in de ruimte.mp3
Question Time!
Alvin Risk ft. Hodgy Beats – Beastmode (Nightwatch Remix) [FOOL’S GOLD]
Visceral – Phrasing [RENRAKU]
Gridlok – Bottomfeeder [PROJECT 51]
Nekolye – Reclaim [SOUNDCLOUD]

Noisia Radio S02E16

This week’s episode premieres new releases from our own imprints by The Upbeats, Posij and Subtension. Among the usual beats and dnb we like, Thijs explains why he mistakenly thought Martijn did karate. 😀

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The Upbeats – Dr Kink [VISION]
Posij – Grab The Cookie [DIVISION]
Subtension – Cobalt Blue [INVISIBLE]
Signal, Segment & Concept Vision – Medium [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
Commodo – My Liege [BLACK ACRE]
Arktkt – Yeti [SOUNDCLOUD]
Neonlight – Lost Signal [BLACKOUT]
Holly x Mo Vibez – Going Nuts [SOUNDCLOUD]
Noer The Boy – Whatchudo [LIQUID AMBER]
Silent Witness – Tightener [TRIPLE SEED]
Steelan – Skhema [SOUNDCLOUD]
Kursa & Faek – Behind This Door [BAD TASTE]
spannende dweil.mp3
Question Time!
Impak – Bleeps (Shyun Remix) [KILL TOMORROW]
Gridlok – Tricks [VIOLENCE]
Eskmo – Celsius [ANCESTOR]
Mono/Poly – Dreamscape [BRAINFEEDER]

Noisia Radio S02E08

Brand new tune by Subtension, couple of ultra short freestyles by Martijn and we go in deep on question time this week 🙂

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Pre-order Invisible 019 on digital or 12″ vinyl and get ‘Subtension – Hi There’ as an instant download:

Subtension – Hi There [INVISIBLE]
Herzeloyde – Damn [SOUNDCLOUD]
Neonlight – Microbots [BLACKOUT]
Dorian Concept – The Fucking Formula [KINDRED SPIRITS]
Current Value – Footwork [CRITICAL]
Richie Brains – Tantrum [EXIT]
Sabre – Global [SUBTITLES]
Think Twice – The Syndicate (Part 3 feat. EMP) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Brainpain – Humans (DJ Hidden Remix) [OTHERCIDE]
thijs maakt violen boel.mp3
Question Time!
Noisia – Shaking Hands [VISION]
Pleasure & Jimmy Pe – Something Like This [SATURATE]
Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – Tell Dem [CRITICAL]
Stakka & Skynet feat. Kemal & Rob Data – BiosFear [UNDERFIRE]
Tsuruda – Where Did All The Shrooms Go [BANDCAMP]
Fourward – Spike (VIP) [SHOGUN]
Warp speed edit demo5.mp3
Task Horizon – Body Tetris [BLACKOUT]
Eomac – SU Riddim [KILLEKILL]

Noisia Radio S02E01

Nik and Martijn are in Seattle, recording the first radio show of the year in a professionally soundproofed hotel room, while eating festive crackers. Also featuring a bunch of exclusives including Agressor Bunx, Shades and a new Division release. Happy 2016!

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Agressor Bunx – Dangerous Materials [EATBRAIN]
Icarus – Ride This Train Ft. Aniff Akinola (Ivy Lab Remix) [FFRR]
June Miller – Robots & Romans (Audio Remix) [RAM]
Tsuruda – Zac’sdemise
ARKTKT – Drownt In It
Electric Cher – La Familia
Signal – String Theory [CRITICAL]
Shades – One Knock
Noisia – Crank [VISION]
I Am Legion – Choosing For You [DIVISION]
Medasin – Always confused
Nu:Logic – Watercolours
Goldie Presents Rufige Kru – Dark Rider (SCAR Rmx) [RAZORS]
Halogenix – Laugh Party [CRITICAL]
112 techno clicked in my brain.mp3
The Prodigy – Climbatize [XL]
Current Value – Space Encounter [CRITICAL]
Amon Tobin – Andrastea Contact [NINJA TUNE]

Noisia Radio S01E26

This week we have four exclusive premieres and a lot of silly jokes and giggles from Martijn and Thijs. Next week we will be looking back at our favourite tunes of 2015 in the last episode of the year. Please tell us what your favourite tune is!

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Audio – Now the Future [RAM]
Abstract Elements – Kanifol [INVISIBLE]
Kagwe – Wewillbeok [BANDCAMP]
Signal – Indirect [LIFESTYLE]
Tsuruda – Suslakecity [ SOUNDCLOUD]
Conduct – Borderlands [BLU MAR TEN]
Montell2099 – Apply [SOUNDCLOUD]
Anile – Watch The Clock [HOSPITAL]
Subterra & Dekko – Bonsai Run [INVISIBLE]
Amon Tobin – Kitchen Sink (Noisia Remix) [NINJA TUNE]
Atomik Tags – Blue Line [HOSPITAL]
Mefjus – Purity [NEOSIGNAL]
X&G – Whiplash Ft. Josh Pan [SOUNDCLOUD]
Drifter – Come True [HORIZONS]
Turna – Life [BASSFUNK]
Current Value – Keyno [UNRELEASED]
Teebee – Daywalker [SUBTITLES]
Jai Tee – Waiting Room [HARROW]

Noisia Radio S01E22

This week we get excited about three exclusive premieres(!) by Rockwell, Bl4ck Owlz and The Clamps. Nik and Martijn also make a few stupid noises.

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Rockwell – Macbook Jungle Crew (Your Time) [SHOGUN]
Ivy Lab – Deus [20/20]
Bl4ck Owlz – Fake [INVISIBLE]
Emperor & Centra – Solar [CRITICAL]
Whynnel – Suppressor [SOUNDCLOUD]
Audeka – Blood Magic [CALIBER]
Amoss – Cosmonaut [HORIZONS]
Noisia vs The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION]
KRNE x Sober Rob – Icy [SOUNDCLOUD]
16Bit – Dinosaurs [MTA}
Posij – Misfits [DIVISION]
The Clamps – Radiation [TRENDKILL]
Outfit x Zero Tep – Thumpier [SOUNDCLOUD]
bijna fijn.mp3
QO – Evil Dead (A-Cray remix) [EATBRAIN]
Tipper – Tug Of War [TIPPER MUSIC]
Current Value – Running [FUTURE SICKNESS]

Noisia Radio S01E15

Nik and Martijn recorded this week’s Noisia Radio in New Zealand, where they are halfway through their Australia and New Zealand tour with Jeremy from The Upbeats.

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Ivy Lab – Ubane [20/20]
Agressor Bunx – Tommy Gun [BLACKOUT]
Emperor – Soundboy [INSPECTED]
Ed Rush & Optical – Automaton [VIRUS]
Halpe & West1ne – Untitled [SOUNDCLOUD]
Fre4knc & Silvahfonk – Rebus [CRITICAL]
Noisia – Tommy’s Theme [VISION]
Konichi – Field Of Vibrations [PLAYAZ]
Dj Hidden – You’re Not Real (Dj Hidden’s Last Resort Remix) [AD NOISEAM]
Medasin – Silver [SOUNDCLOUD]
Mefjus – Emulation [CRITICAL]
Amoss – Crooked Arm [DISPATCH]
Hati – Inside [DARUMA]
Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward [INVISIBLE]
Lynx – Disco Dodo [CREATIVE SOURCE]
stukje voor mixtape 90 bpm F.mp3
Survey, Tehpra & Arkoze – Pattern [INVISIBLE]
Noisia – Crush Him [DIVISION]
Jeff Fressco – The Beginning Of The End (Current Value Remix) [UNRELEASED]
Sofie Letitre – I Need [DIVISION]

Noisia Radio S01E14

This week we’ve got Thijs (aka Thys hehehe) taking control of Noisia Radio, as Nik and Martijn have traveled Down Under to DJ. Expect an episode that’s maybe a little weirder than usual: Thijs has taken the chance to select a lot of dark and subliminal tunes, and some futuristic hiphop-influenced bass music as well as the usual contenders.

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Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing [PLAYAZ]
Alphie & Halpe – Fake [FREE]
Data & Keza – Surveillance [INSIDE]
Fracture & Chimpo – From Early [METALHEADZ]
Mono/poly – Crypto Bell [HIT&RUN]
Was A Be – Carcosa [SUBTITLES]
Mr Explicit – Cringe [DREADUK]
Noisia & Hybris – Crystalline [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab – Shamrock [20/20]
Kid Kanevil ft Ocean Wisdom – Ewok [Par Excellence]
Sofie Letitre – Home – Thys Remix [DIVISION]
Angel Zero – Laroux [SUBTITLES]
Emperor & Mefjus – Disrupted [CRITICAL]
Doctrine – Airlock [INVISIBLE]
Donny – Symptomless Coma – Current Value Remix [BARCODE]
Clay – Ascond [FREE]
drifter downtempo 2.mp3
Sofie Letitre – Home – Think Twice Remix [DIVISION]

Noisia Radio S01E11

Martijn takes over the controls as Nik and Thijs are at Outlook festival, hosting a Noisia Invites stage and playing two boat parties. Prepare for a very Rudy selection!

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Disprove – Tip Slip [EATBRAIN]
Herzeloyde – Marijuana (Rekon Flip) [FREE]
Noisia, Calyx & Teebee – Hyenas [VISION]
Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect [EXIT]
Noisia – Oh Oh [VISION]
Stephan Bodzin – Vendetta [HERZBLUT]
Emperor – Control [CRITICAL]
Overlook – Empires [THIRTYONE]
Fre4knc – Full Measure [INVISIBLE]
Audio – Heads Up [RAM]
Medasin – Got That [FREE]
Mako – Let The Truth Be Heard [SAMURAI]
Volatile Cycle -Rupture [INVISIBLE]
Tomáš Dvořák – The Prison [MINORITY]
frizz – copepod.mp3 [UNFINISHED]
Dom & Gridlok – Moodswings [DOM & ROLAND]
Dub Motion – Off The Record [TITAN]
Current Value – Get Down To It [TRENDKILL]
Flying Lotus – Puppet Talk (Apollo Dixon “lastnightinmunich (hey flylo)” Bootleg) [FREE]

Noisia Radio S01E09

This week it’s Thijs and Nik as Martijn is on the road playing shows in Germany and Switzerland. We’ve got music from China and Japan, some weird game music, a Dirty Man, and lots of new drum&bass!

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Break – Brand New [SYMMETRY]
Thook – 40 on Dust [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Mefjus & Xtrah – Fever [CYBERFUNK]
Zaliwa-D – Kindred Disease [DO HITS]
Momoiro Clover Z – Lost Child [KING RECORDS]
Momoiro Clover Z – Lost Child (Noisia Remix) [VISION]
Posij – Shieldbreaker [SHOGUN]
Neosignal – Space Gsus [DIVISION]
TI & Upgrade – Lobster Pot [CO-LAB]
Sun Araw – Deep Cover [NOTNOT]
Friske – Requisite (DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) [METALHEADZ PLATINUM]
Tipper – Paperthinreality [TIPPER MUSIC]
Hybris – Timeloop VIP [UNRELEASED]
Incognito – Foundations [CYBERFUNK]
Okho x Visceral – Bits [FREE DOWNLOAD]
vieze man.mp3 [UNFINISHED]
Must Die! – Hellcat (Annix Remix) [OWSLA]
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Noisia Remix) [BSE]
Commix – Be True [METALHEADZ]
I Am Legion – Stresses Pt. 1 [DIVISION]
I Am Legion – Stresses Pt. 2 [DIVISION]
Koreless – Sun [YOUNG TURKS]

Noisia Radio S01E03

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Thijs has been exploring Florence in the days leading up to a show there tonight, whilst we (Nik and Martijn) were working on new Noisia material in the studios so we recorded this week’s episode of Noisia Radio together. With a selection ranging from Tipper to Mefjus and a bunch of unreleased music, including an exclusive first play of Teddy Killerz’ new EP on RAM Records.

Teddy Killerz -­ Hyperspeed [RAM RECORDS]
Hybris ­- Transgressor [INVISIBLE]
Nömak ­- Crystalline [FREE]
Optiv & BTK -­ Let It Loose (Emperor Remix) [DUTTY AUDIO]
Noisia & Evol Intent -­ Long Gone [VISION]
Zero T ­- Dice Game [FOKUZ]
Alix Perez & Eprom -­ Minotaur [ALPHA PUP]
Signal ­- Tripwire [INVISIBLE]
Mefjus ­- Hybrid [CRITICAL]
Subtension -­ Break & Go [INVISIBLE]
Noisia ­- Arcade Machine (Diegetic) [DIVISION]
Herzeloyd & KRNE -­ Shows [FREE]
Mefjus, The Upbeats & Inside Info -­ Footpath [VIRUS]
Erkiu -­ Yra [SHIRO]
Ivy Lab -­ Forex [CRITICAL]
Noisia ­- Nu Metal Dnb Lieve Intro [UNRELEASED]
Amon Tobin -­ El Cargo [NINJA TUNE]
Two Fingers & Noisia -­ Salah [DIVISION]
Sinthetix ­- Ultraviolet [CRYPTIC AUDIO]
Tipper -­ Trenched [TIPPERMUSIC]