The lost girls of West Timor

(13 Dec 2018) In the Indonesian region of West Timor, entrenched poverty pushes thousands to take a chance as migrant workers in Malaysia and beyond. Too often, their bodies return home in shrink-wrapped coffins. (Dec. 13)

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Christmas sleigh restaurant rides into tropical Malaysia

Jingling amid a Kuala Lumpur skyline, nearly a dozen people sit in a hanging sleigh-like restaurant as it is raised by a crane some 45 metres (147 feet) above the street below. Strapped into rollercoaster-like seats, the Santa in the Sky patrons dine next to prancing reindeer models and a mannequin of jolly St Nicholas far above the city’s busy traffic.

Rohingya migrants detained at sea arrive at Myanmar camp

Nearly 100 Rohingya Muslims are escorted back to camps in Myanmar’s Rakhine state after being detained at sea en-route to Malaysia.

100 Rohingya found at sea en route to Malaysia (2)

A boatload of more than 100 Rohingya Muslims who fled a camp in Myanmar were found off the country’s south coast after spending 15 days at sea in a failed attempt to reach Malaysia. They were escorted by police in vehicles and one Rohingya man says a girl died at sea.

My smartphone and me: Clowning & live streaming

Smartphone usage has evolved immensely over the years. Check out how they are being used by a clown in Malaysia and a live streaming personality in China — one calling the phone his ‘second wife’ and another her ‘boyfriend’.

Malaysia’s ex-PM Najib hit with more charges

Malaysian former leader Najib Razak was jointly charged in a Kuala Lumpur court with ex-senior finance ministry official, Mohamad Irwan Serigar Abdullah, with six counts of criminal breach of trust. IMAGES

Wife of ex-Malaysian PM arrives at court over corruption scandal

Rosmah Mansor, the luxury-loving wife of Malaysia’s former prime minister, arrives at court before being charged with money laundering linked to a multi-billion-dollar scandal that helped bring down his government. IMAGES

Wife of ex-Malaysian PM arrested by anti-graft agency

Rosmah Mansor, the flamboyant wife of Malaysia’s former prime minister, is arrested by the country’s anti-graft agency over a multi-billion-dollar scandal that helped to bring down the last government. IMAGES

EU palm oil ban sows bitter seeds for Southeast Asian farmers

The European Parliament is moving to ban the use of palm oil in biofuels, while British grocer Iceland has announced it will stop using the commodity over concerns that it causes widespread environmental destruction. Losing the key EU market worries millions of small farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia — the world’s top two producers — as prices drop for the widely-consumed oil found in everything from biscuits and sweets to cosmetics and vehicle gas tanks.