Nearly 200 ‘Bangladeshis’ crammed into Indonesia shophouse

Almost 200 men identified by police as Bangladeshi migrants have been found crammed into a warehouse in Indonesia. They are believed to have arrived from Bangladesh and were living in the cramped quarters for several months in the hope of travelling to neighbouring Malaysia to work.

Chinese hunger for durians threatens Malaysian rainforests

Soaring demand for durians in China is being blamed for a new wave of deforestation in Malaysia with environmentalists warning vast amounts of jungle is being cleared to make way for massive plantations of the spiky, pungent fruit.

Malaysian parliament welcomes new king

Malaysia’s new king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, is given a welcome at the parliament, after the last monarch abdicated in a historic first following his reported marriage to a Russian ex-beauty queen.

Malaysia enthrones new king after historic abdication

Malaysia installs a new king, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, after his predecessor abdicated in an historic first following his reported marriage to a Russian ex-beauty queen. IMAGES

Malaysia: Underwater lion dance for Lunar New Year

Divers perform the traditional Chinese lion dance underwater at the Aquaria KLCC oceanarium in Malaysia as part of celebrations for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Malaysia wins the World Pastry Cup where

Malaysia wins this year’s World Pastry Cup held in Lyon, which included a challenge previously unthinkable in France’s rich dessert history — no animal products at all: it’s got to be vegan to take the cake.

Hindus mark Thaipusam festival in Malaysia

Malaysian Hindu devotee Kumaraguru Kunalan hauled a wooden pole with metal pots hanging from either side up to a temple carved into a hillside as drumming and incense smoke filled the air. Kumaraguru, who also had a steel skewer pierced through his tongue, was among the huge crowd of ethnic Indians marking Thaipusam at a complex of temples outside Kuala Lumpur.

Panda celebrates birthday in Malaysia with carrot and ice cake

A giant panda born in a Malaysian zoo celebrates her first birthday with a cake made of ice in front of adoring visitors.

The lost girls of West Timor

(13 Dec 2018) In the Indonesian region of West Timor, entrenched poverty pushes thousands to take a chance as migrant workers in Malaysia and beyond. Too often, their bodies return home in shrink-wrapped coffins. (Dec. 13)

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