Nigerians turn to traditional brew as economy staggers | AFP

High intake of local brewed beer ‘Burukutu’ in North Central Nigeria is increasingly on the rise and this is a source of worry to the big producers of the conventional beers in Nigeria. In Benue, the looming economic crisis due to delayed payment of worker salaries and high rate of unemployment has forced many to abandon conventional beer for the local brewed, burukutu. They believe it is economically cheap compared to the conventional but expensive beer. In local Burukutu joint in Makurdi, Benue state capital, a litre of Burukutu is being sold for as low as one hundred naira compared to the conventional beer of that volume which cost almost triple the price.

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Nigeria : injured people wait for treatment at Bishop Murray Hospital | AFP

People injured when a petrol tanker crashed off the road and exploded are waiting for treatment at Bishop Murray Hospital in Makurdi. IMAGES

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