Lufthansa’s fate in the hands of shareholders says CEO | AFP

German airline Lufthansa’s CEO, Carsten Spohr, pleads with shareholders to save the company. Lufthansa is poised to clear a key shareholder vote on its nine billion euro state rescue comprising a cash injection of six billion euros and three billion euros in public loan guarantees, boosted by the EU’s green light and the last-minute backing of a billionaire investor who has the power to veto the plan.

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This Air Berlin flight flew incredibly close to a control tower

Two Air Berlin pilots decided to “make a mark” by flying low over an airport and buzzing by the control tower, sparking an FAA investigation. Following is a transcript of the video.

This plane flew incredibly close to a control tower. The stunt was pulled off by two pilots during an Air Berlin flight.

The Airbus A330 was returning to Germany from Miami, and 200 passengers were on board at the time. It was one of the last flights for the bankrupt airline.

The plane was supposed to make a standard landing, but the two pilots decided to “make a mark.” Instead of landing, the plane made a low pass over the airport. It buzzed right by the control tower.

Pilots are only allowed to abort landings for safety reasons. Witnesses at the airport thought the plane was about to crash.

The stunt triggered an FAA investigation and both pilots have been suspended, but a German watchdog wants an explanation from Air Berlin.

Lufthansa bought large parts of Air Berlin for $247M. The airline will fly its final short flights later this month, but this stunt may keep them in headlines for a bit longer.


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