Hospital Records Podcast #375 with London Elektricity

London Elektricity is back in the studio after a fantastic Hospitality in the Park, with a whole load of new music, including forthcoming tracks from Krakota, and fresh tunes from Danny Byrd’s ‘Atomic Funk’ LP, sit back and enjoy!


Krakota – Hot Rain ft. Dynamite MC
Danny Byrd – iDragon
Unglued – Deep, Dark & Dirty
DJ Die – Jitta Bug (Remastered)
BSN Posse & Kabuki – Elevate
Krakota – Callback
Danny Byrd – Lizard Steppa
Krakota – See For Miles
Bop – Untitled Pattern 64
Primate – Illusion
Lowriderz – Around Me
Bop – Untitled Pattern 62
Missing – Mistakes
dBridge & Kid Drama – Wij Zijn
Kings of the Rollers – Euphoria
RQ – Interplay
Bungle – Cocooned VIP
dBridge – UR a Star (Reprise) ft. Alia Fresco

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Noisia Radio S02E28

Exclusive new music from Segment & Concept Vision, a brand new Fre4knc tune out today on invisible, a very exciting new Alix Perez tune, and the usual ingredients: dnb, beats, and your questions answered.

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Segment & Concept Vision – Grail Sword [MAJOR LEAGUE]
Fre4knc – Tradecraft [INVISIBLE]
Alix Perez – Hack And Slash [1985]
Current Value – Bad Data [TERMINAL]
Leaf – Wu Style [SERIAL KILLAZ]
Moody Good – Noisefloor [DUB]
Sustance – The Machine [TRENDKILL]
Hapa & Herzeloyde – Encryption [SOUNDCLOUD]
Homemade Weapons & Red Army – Osedax [HOMEMADE WEAPONRY]
Jam Thieves – Lustig [PLAYAZ]
Matt Lange – Lying To Myself (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [MAU5TRAP]
Hydro & War – Omerta [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Fierce & Zero T – In Circles [METALHEADZ]
Philth – Breach [FLEXOUT]
OCEE – De’tails [FLEXOUT]
Hydro + War – Afflicted [HORIZONS]
Lowriderz – Moving Images [CALYPSO]
X&G ft. Josh Pan – Anomaly (Paint Remix) [BANDCAMP]
i should make a poop.mp3
Question Time!
Ed Rush & Optical – Compound [VIRUS]
Dj Shadow – California [MASS APPEAL]
Joker – Glass Hearts [KAPSIZE]

Noisia Radio S02E13

This week we premiere a track of our new various artists EP on Division by Signs, play awesome exclusives, enlighten you about ourselves in question time and end the show with one of our favorite artists Stephan Bodzin!

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Signs – Clap Yah [DIVISION]
Signal – Blindfolded [CRITICAL]
Lowriderz – Moving Images [CALYPSO]
Segment & Concept Vision – Mammoth [EATBRAIN]
The Clamps – S & A [KOSENPROD]
Cod3x – Small Chestnut Alley [BAD TASTE]
Synth Ethics – Vanguard [THE DREAMERS]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Shovel Groove [BLACKOUT]
Noisia & Phace – The Feed [SUBTITLES]
Paradigitz – Fallout [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Tsuruda – Searching For That Perfect Emcee [SOUNDCLOUD]
Gydra & Dextems – Spirits [DUB]
layers on and off setting.mp3
Question Time!
Loadstar – Link To The Past [RAM]
Lux.impala – Go [NEST]
Serum – Species [THIRTYONE]
Purpl Orkid – Meridian [SOUNDCLOUD]
Skylark – Sequence [SOUNDCLOUD]
Stephan Bodzin – Luka Leon [HERZBLUT]