Noisia Invites @ Melkweg, Amsterdam 01-04-2016

This happened last Friday in Amsterdam 🙂 With Pendulum, The Upbeats, Ganz, Xtrah, Spectrasoul, Ivy Lab, Jameszoo, Fre4knc, Losco and Subp Yao! Follow Noisia Invites:

Noisia Radio S01E12

For the first time in a while we’re all in the studio for Noisia Radio! Ram Records sent us a brand new track by Audio to premiere, we’re playing a Nero track to celebrate their album release today, and we’ve got some fresh new releases for you!

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Audio – 2 Stroke [RAM RECORDS]
Herzeloyde – Spam [FREE]
Sunchase & I Wannabe – Slice [22:22]
DJ Hazard – Digital Bumblebees [Playaz]
Sam Binga & Hyroglyfics – Dark Day [Critical]
I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’ [Division]
Nero – Satisfy [MTA]
Cursa – Egg Cup [PLASMA AUDIO]
Dub Elements – POW [EATBRAIN]
Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid [VISION]
Losco – Hold Up [FREE]
Agressor Bunx – Trice [RAM RECORDS]
Sofie Letitre – Perfect Mistake (Zes Remix) [DIVISION]
DJ Fresh – Heavyweight [DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
mantra hop idee.mp3
Noisia RAW Synth Demosong ‘Exiled’.mp3
Machine Code & CZA – Something [C4C]
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Parlophone)

Noisia Radio S01E06

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Yes! We finally get to play you the title track of our forthcoming EP with The Upbeats: Dead Limit! Besides this exciting first play, there’s a little bit of everything as you might have come to expect from us 🙂

Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION]
Krubera & Thook – Tribe [FREE]
Skeptical – Imperial [EXIT]
Two Fingers – Tasm Fet [DIVISION]
ID – Airborne [INVISIBLE]
Neosignal – Sequenz [DIVISION]
I Am Legion – Dust Descends [DIVISION]
Bullion – Get Familiar [ONE-HANDED]
Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris – Clusterfunk [VISION]
Jai Tee – Far Cry [FREE]
Phace – Digital Diet [NEOSIGNAL]
Losco – Charge [FREE]
Noisia – Mundus Theme [DIVISION]
ID – Pattern [INVISIBLE]
OZ – Grizla [CO-LAB]
Noisia – ‘zandkorrels in het zand’ (een gedicht)-01.mp3 [UNFINISHED]
Future Prophecies – Magnetic [SUBTITLES]
Machine Code – Terraforming [EATBRAIN]
Stephan Bodzin – Blue Giant [HERZBLUT]

Noisia Radio S01E01

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With Noisia Radio we hope to build a platform where we can play a wider range of music than we would in a club environment. It allows us to give some insights on the music we’re feeling and releasing, as well as keeping our fans up to date more frequently and in a more accessible way than just by playing a show near you once a year or via the occasional video or message on social media.

Noisia & The Upbeats – Mouthbreather [VISION]
Lockjaw – Obsidian [INVISIBLE]
Moody Good – Witness The Fuxness [OWSLA]
Icicle – Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
OZ – Psychosis [CO-LAB]
Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx [BLACKOUT]
Spectrasoul ft. Joshua Idehen – Kutchi [SHOGUN AUDIO]
[ID] – Uranus [INVISIBLE]
Noisia – CSGO Main Theme [UNRELEASED]
Two Fingers – Adrians Rhythm [DIVISION]
Hybris – My Stars [INVISIBLE]
Posij – Techplant [CRITICAL BINARY]
Noisia – Banshee [VISION]
Phazz – Insomnia [FREE]
Stakka & Skynet – Decoy [UNDERFIRE]
Hypoxia ft Hyqxyz – Suspicious Minds [EATBRAIN]
Current Value – Cotton Punch [INVISIBLE]
Clarity – Parallels [HORIZONS MUSIC]
Kasra & Enei – Inside The Box [CRITICAL]
Sofie Letitre – Slip [DIVISION]