Locust plague sweeps into Pakistan | AFP

Desperate farmers in Pakistan try to scare off the locust swarms decimating their crops. The worst pest plague in nearly three decades has wiped out entire harvests in the country’s agricultural heartlands, prompting the government to declare a national emergency.

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AP Top Stories January 23 P

Here’s the latest for Thursday January 23rd: As Senate heads into second day of argument, the challenge Democrats face; China locking down cities with 18 million to stop coronavirus; Trump ends some protections for waterways, aiding developers; Locust swarms threaten East Africa’s food security.

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Blackout Podcast 74 – Teddy Killerz [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.


Teddy Killerz x Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Metal & Blood
AMC & Turno – Draw 4 That
Posij – Hunger
Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy remix)
))) Teddy Killerz – Borovicka
Upgrade – Spit It Out
Doctrine – Parabol
))) Rockwell – Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)
Teddy Killerz & ID – ID
UZ & Stooki Sound ft. Foreign Beggars & Once Caponoe – Bang (Teddy Killerz remix)
Bou – Poison
))) Noisia – Diplodocus
Gridlok – Insecticide VIP
Killbox – Kurtz
State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire – Bottom Line
Teddy Killerz – Bonkerz
I Am Legion – Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz VIP remix)
Frankee – Snarl
Teddy Killerz – ID
Mefjus – Ringshifter
Teddy Killerz – Reptile
Audio – Napalm
Krot – Bad Summer
The Prototypes – Pop It Off VIP
))) Gydra – Traquilizer
Black Sun Empire – Foundation (L33 remix)
Synergy – Radiation
Malux – Turbine (Teddy Killerz remix)
Muzzy & AMC & Turno – Cascade
The Prototypes – Electric (Mind Vortex remix)
Raiden – Helium
Teddy Killerz – Teddy’s Song
Original Sin – Red Mist
Upgrade – Blow
Gydra – Problem
Raiden & Khanage – King Stays King
Moby – Alice (Noisia remix)
))) Mr. Frenkie – Bass Symptom
))) Misanthrop – Trashriot
Culture Shock – Bunker
Optiv & BTK – Inception (Gydra remix)
Upgrade – Bad Frequencies
Noisia – Tenctacles (Teddy Killerz remix)
Cod3x – Confused
AMC & Turno – Alliance
Annix & Turno – Cold Killerz
Gydra – Scourge
Dimension – Raver
Phace & Signal – Locust
Synergy – Signals
Signal – 2ME
Phace & Noisia – Drawback (Annix remix)
Muzzy & Teddy Killerz – Shut It Down (ft. MC Mota)

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Locust – Sourcecode

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