MC Kryptomedic – Labels ft. Emphasis, Phlage & Kaiza [Citrus Recordings]

Citrus Recordings proudly brings you a underground ode to Drum and Bass, “Labels”, this tune covers some of the essential labels and names that make our scene up today!

Labels – Kryptomedic feat Emphasis, Phlage & Kaiza. Labels EP (CITRUS14048)

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Full Lyrics:
I was breaking before bad existed
I was Broke’n before you knew English
Chilled with Playaz knew it was True
Critical before critical ever knew
So much Metal in my Head I found an Exit
Feeling Close 2 Death something got me in the death grip
Saw to Mind Positioned in Chrome
Released from the Hospital before going home
Intelligent man I spit on some Recordings
Trust in the music with the love for the audience
Simple with Soul:ution
Subtitles between the lines of evolution
Bust a flow, do what I feel, do what I know
A Full Force like the nature of earth
I be the Viper in grass the vibration the dirt
My Cause 4 Concern, yo a blast that can detonate
Swords like a Shogun, Hardware like a Renegade
Contact Dispatch Horizon on the rise
No Blackout in sun this is the wisdom of the wise
I feel a Dutty to the Audio so thats what is standard
Creep like a Samurai
We still Talking with the beats
Im so Limited you cant buy this Edition
Ram packed full of energy a man on a mission
Spearheaded the progRam watch we drop in the trenches
Manoeuvres in the Dark we cut out electric fences
So Authentic man sting like a Bad Taste
Lifted in the mindset stay, location no place
Music destination set fires across the nation
Kaos among the Breakbeat
Revolution on the street, flowing Liquid to the beat
Give the people what they need
We are here but all Unseen
Truth the goal is not a dream
I can show you to believe
Keep on planting our Black Seeds
Pay your dues and watch your deeds
Mainframe system checking feeds
Liquid Drops along the seems
Different Blu Saphire lazer beams
Sound of the future
This is a new generation

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