How Russia Is Covering Trump’s Impeachment: The Impeachment Show (Full Episode)

Welcome to the second episode of The Impeachment Show:

1:00 – The House Impeachment Inquiry is now public, here’s what happened.

2:30 – Michael Moynihan sits down with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. “I believe too much in our country. We’re not going to fail the American people.”

8:40 – Olivia Nuzzi, Washington Correspondent for New York Magazine and comedian Judy Gold join the panel.

15:10 – In the second installment of “Bar-Hopping,” Michael Moynihan visits bars around Baltimore, to ask locals about Trump’s past words about their city, impeachment, and 2020.

25:55 – Steve Bannon has a podcast on impeachment. So Liz Landers asked him about Trump’s call with the Ukranian president.

37:00 – For all the impeachment madness we’ve been covering, there are a ton of critical things going on that are getting no attention. Like DACA. And unsurprisingly, the Supreme Court may be poised to affirm the president’s right to cancel the program. Roberto Ferdman sits down with Janet Napolitano, the former Secretary of Homeland Security.

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