Trump receives Shamrock Bowl from Irish PM

President Donald Trump received a Shamrock Bowl as part of day long festivities with Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day. (March 14)

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Irish PM Varadkar meets EU’s Juncker for talks in Brussels

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar meets with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels as Brexit talks continue to stall over the Irish border issue. IMAGES

Ireland’s Varadkar explains EU concerns over concessions to May

After EU leaders rebuffed a plea by British Prime Minister Theresa May to help her sell her Brexit deal to parliament, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says many were concerned May was asking for concessions without being able to guarantee they would be enough to get the withdrawal treaty past the House of Commons. SOUNDBITE

Irish PM Varadkar arrives ahead of Cabinet meeting over Brexit

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar arrives at Government Buildings in Dublin ahead of a Cabinet meeting over Brexit, following London’s claim that negotiators had finally struck a draft agreement on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union next March. IMAGES of arrivals

Pope Francis meets Irish PM Leo Varadkar

Pope Francis meets Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar at Dublin Castle. IMAGES

Celebrations in Dublin as abortion law overturned

Scenes of jubilation outside Dublin Castle as Ireland votes by a landslide to ditch its strict abortion laws in a landmark referendum hailed by Prime Minister Leo Varadkar as a “quiet revolution”. IMAGES

Irish PM hails results of vote to overturn abortion ban

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar hails a “quiet revolution” as this traditionally Catholic country votes to liberalise some of Europe’s strictest abortion laws in a historic landslide referendum. SOUNDBITE

Ireland abortion referendum votes counted in Dublin

Votes are counted in Dublin as the final tallies come through in the Irish abortion referendum. The country looks set to ‘make history’ by liberalising its abortion laws, the Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Saturday. IMAGES of vote counting

Irish PM Leo Varadkar casts vote on controversial abortion laws

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar casts his vote in Dublin on the controversial referendum over abortion laws in Ireland. IMAGES of PM Leo Varadkar casting his vote

Irish PM: Irish Immigrants Share American Dream

Before gifting President Trump with a ceremonial shamrock bowl to celebrate the relationship between America and Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar recognized those who are undocumented and living in the U.S. (March 15)